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The New Thing – Gif Essay

Everyone has their circle of mates where you all have similar interests, have a special parlance and understand the same weirdly specific in-jokes. For the most part everyone likes the same stuff and has a bit to chime in with no matter what the conversation topic switches to. Occasionally someone will find a New Thing […]

BB-8 Goes On An Adventure – Gif Essay

With the news that the next installment of Star Wars will be filming right here in Ireland, you can be sure that there are plenty of locations and exotic locales for our protagonists to explore. But what of everyone’s favourite teeny tiny gyrating droid, BB-8? What if he happens to run into a terrifying obstacle such […]

Geek Pile – Gif Essay

It’s not a collection when you’ve not been able to give it your full attention. It’s the geek pile! We all have one! It’s a clutter of shame! A mountain of disgraced discs! A sea of scandalished back issues! A scandalous trove of half watched episodes! With the best of intentions many a geek and […]

A Gif For Every Occasion: Gif Essay

Like most people, I’ve always been a fan of Futurama. Sure, it’s had its low points but on the whole it’s always been funny and clever and at times genuinely heartfelt and you’d be hard pressed to find anyone on earth who didn’t recognise the show or one of their iconic lines. In fact, sometimes they even […]

Desperation Day Is Here Geeks!

Ah, Valentines Day! For some, it’s a wonderful excuse for some R&R with that special someone in your life. But for others, it’s a panic inducing suck-fest that reminds you of the fact you are once again alone. It can be incredibly stressful watching all of your friends get paired off while you’re stuck having […]

Fictional Feelings: Mary’s Men

Valentine’s Day is edging closer and that means either spending an obscene amount of money on your significant other to make them happy, or spending an even more obscene amount of time lying around your room fantasising about fictional characters. To be fair, the latter is cheaper. And generally more satisfying. I, like other staff […]