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Watching Captain America: Civil War – Gif Essay

Watching Captain America: Civil War – Gif Essay


I’ve been to see the majestic, mighty, marvelous and magnificent Captain America: Civil War. It feels like it’s been a lifetime since the movie and plot were outlined and even longer since Age of Ultron was released!

Here’s how I engaged with the release of one of my most anticipated movies this year… it’s not very pretty!

Oh look, a third Captain America movie; no biggy!

I Need It

I’m cool like that and not freaking out!

Why is it taking so long?! Why is life so crap!

I Can't Do This Anymore

Seriously how long does it actually take to make a blockbuster!? Come on like! I have other things to do… maybe! Probably! Okay I don’t but my protests are still valid!

A thousand thank yous to the Old Gods and the New!

Thank You

April 29th! A day like no other will be again! My life is so much better now!

It's Here

The opening scene… so beautiful!

It's Beautiful

My eyes should not be allowed gaze upon them! So much beauty! Will T’Challa marry me? Maybe in the next movie I could be his love interest! Oh look Scarlet Witch… *crying noises*

They’re all fighting?!

So good

Seriously! I have never wanted to see people get injured, broken and hurt but still make it all through! Oh my god he pushed the button!

I can’t breathe!

I Cant Breathe

They’re still fighting! It’s over and they’re still fighting! I need my inhaler! I’m about to die but it’s worth it!

Oh f**k yeah! Was it good for you?

That Was Good

Oh my god yes! Yes! YES! YESSS! That was amazing! I just! Can I just sit here for a little while longer and take it all in? That was the best superhero movie I ever had! Thank you!