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Gif Essay: Overwatch Release

Gif Essay: Overwatch Release


Tracer - what you looking at

I’ll tell you what I’m looking at, Tracer! I’m busy looking for some epic Overwatch content to celebrate the games release today. What’s that? No, I’m not looking for the Blizzard cinematics, though they are pretty cool:

Nah, I’m looking at player made content, specifically the communities favourite ‘Play of The Game’s (POTG). After the Open Beta at the start of the month, plays began pouring in from players all over the world giving every player from the pros to the insanely lucky noobs a chance to step into the spotlight and share some of their coolest gaming moments. It’s a system I greatly approve of and I figured, in order to get gamers hyped up to make their own plays today, we should look at some of my personal favourites from the Overwatch subreddit.

First up, this heavenly flight:

I’ve already extolled the many virtues of a good mercy player, but we all make mistakes from time to time. That said, with the help of a team mate, any Valkyrie can soar into the fight to save themselves in a pinch, just like this epic player below.


One of my other favourites from Overwatch is the anti-pyro, Mei. Her freezing gun lets her pull off plays even Elsa would be jealous of and her strengths really shine in the play below where she outplays a rather unfortunate D.Va. The gif was simply titled “No, YOU Nerf This!”

Sorry, we’re closed!

Yet another Mei play, but you really can’t blame me of favouritism when the plays being made are this good! I’ve seen Reinhardt’s walking back to back with their shields up, and I’ve seen lines of turrets being set up at capture points, but I don’t think I’ve seen anyone able to deny the enemy team this effectively.

Don’t Worry Love, Cavalry’s Here!

It’s no secret that the online community has more of less fallen in love with Tracer. As Overwatch’s star icon this lovable scout has blinked straight into the hearts of fans, but that’s being said, you may want to be more careful about letting her get close. In the clip below, the player not only blinks around the battlefield becoming an impossible target, but also makes great use of her recall function to get out of harms way before Tracers sticky bomb goes off. Cheers, Tracer!

Who Said You Could Come Out?

Last but not least, we have my personal favourite play. This play is skilled, funny and oh do I ever feel sorry for the Lucio who died for it. You may remember in Alice’s Lucio profile she mentioned a certain well you could skate around on as Lucio? Well, you get to see that demonstrated in the gif below, as well as a warning about what can happen if the enemy team has a Roadhog with semi decent aim. Good luck using that well over the next few weeks!