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Overwatch Character Profile: Lúcio

Overwatch Character Profile: Lúcio


Overwatch is out in just a few days, and I can’t wait to play it again. I’m suffering withdrawal since the end of the open beta. I didn’t really know much about any of the characters save for Widowmaker, Winston and Tracer. I also knew that Reinhardt had a big shield. But I didn’t know how they played, I had just watched a few of the shorts.

I enjoyed most of the characters that I played, but I fell into my comfort zone with Lúcio, the Brazilian freedom fighter. As I said, I wasn’t too knowledgeable about the characters prior to playing but it has gotten me interested. Lúcio Correia dos Santos grew up in Rio de Janeiro and became a DJ, using music to lift peoples spirits. He took on the role of hero and superstar after his community was a target of corporate oppression. He used stolen sonic technology which he repurposed and used to rally people to drive out the company exploiting them.

Lúcio is a support character, though his support abilities are mostly passive, giving either a speed buff or healing to all allies within a certain range, works really well for a steady point stream. It helps when your team is generally focused around a control point, it’s really handy at the start of a match with the speed boost allowing your team to get to the control point before the enemy team with time to set up any defences. His ultimate ability grants a powerful shield that quickly degrades to nearby allies, great for pushing well defended choke points.

His offensive capabilities are not too amazing, his default fire is a burst or four shots that are not very fast, you need to lead your target if you want to fire normally. I’d say more of my kills with him were with his alt fire, a very short range shot that pushes back enemies, I’ve knocked many enemy to their deaths. This is especially effective on maps with objectives close to pits and cliffs. One map has a large well in the centre of the control point.

Lúcio’s movement based ability allows him to ride along wall using his rollerblades, or their sci-fi equivalent (they don’t have wheels). There are a few spots where this is more useful than others, like the aforementioned well, most characters would be screwed if knocked into it, but with Lúcio it’s possible to skate along the inside while jumping until you get out. A manoeuvre I managed to pull off once. A moment I will probably constantly regale when talking about the game. At least, until I can pull off something cooler.