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Gif Essay – Overwatch… Overemotional

Gif Essay – Overwatch… Overemotional


For the last 72 hours I’ve pretty much done nothing but shove food in my face and smash the controller as I dive into yet ANOTHER match of Overwatch. If you’re like me chances are you’ve been on a gaming marathon bender and all those games are starting to blur into one, in a weird hazy way.
If you’re planning on just pushing through and going full on hair of the dog, then just make sure to watch out for these six stages!

I’m queuing, yay. – enthusiasm


Soon I’ll meet my new team mates! I’ll be sure to wave hello to them! I can’t wait! We’re going to have a blast, blasting the other team into oblivion.

Okay let’s see what others are picking. – pragmatism


We’re a team so it’s important to play as a team. Okay, I’m not sure why we need three Reapers and two Winstons but, hey we’re a team and it’s all zen!

We’re on defense? Okay! I got this. – optimism


Seriously you’ve got nothing on me and my sentry turrets and we’re going to win this! I know it!

Okay I’m shit hot at this! – narcissism


This is the best play of my life! Mercy? I have none… that’s just my name!

Oh crap, it’s going wrong! – realism


I was just being lucky! What was I even talking about?! Why aren’t my cooldowns faster?!

It’s over! I suck at this. – defeatism


Might as well go and kill some bots, if I could even do that much!

Rinse and repeat as often as required as you play! Trust me you’ll flip flop, time hop, leap and soar through some of these emotions and attitudes at some stage, the sooner you accept it and select the right god damn fighter for this match the sooner we can win!

In case you hadn’t noticed I’m still sore after a bout of realism with a pinch of denial!


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