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Minimalist Videogame Poster – Gallery

Video games are great, as is minimalism, and posters. Don’t get me wrong, they’re great in different ways. Video games are enjoyable over long periods of time, whereas minimalism is best in small doses. (You bet I’m trying to make the maximum amount of minimalism jokes I can.)  Posters too, amirite? If you plaster a wall […]

Style Saturday – No Man’s Sky

No Man’s Sky has taken the world by storm (literally) ever since it was released earlier this month. The long-awaited video game hasn’t disappointed, with its magnificent and beautiful open-world gaming experience. Every player has been astounded by the level of detail and beauty put into creating a unique game that is something new and special […]

No Man’s Sky Review

The screen fades in from white, the landscape of an alien planet takes shape before my eyes. Tall oddly shaped vermillion coloured trees strain skyward, like they are trying to pull themselves from the earth and take flight. The soil is punctuated with weird hexagonal green rocks, while off in the distance a strange two-legged […]

No Man’s Sky Delayed On PC

No Man’s Sky, a game that has been mired by problems, has been delayed yet again. A two-day delay means August 12 is now the release date for the PC version of the game. This delay only affects the PC version, the PlayStation 4 version will still release on August 10. Hello Games have been releasing […]

No Man’s Sky Delayed By A Few Weeks

One of the most talked about games in recent memory would have to be the colossal sci-fi open world that is No Man’s Sky. It has been at every E3 press conference for the past few years, has had multiple “controversies” over its price tag and generally either people over hyping the hell of it […]