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Geek Log | Bojack And Fringe Fun

Geek Log, Earthdate 210918: My week’s been a bit mad, between wrapping up the final weeks of my old job and preparing for a new one, it’s been hard to make time for R&R. However, I was lucky enough to find some time for myself. I’m a long time fan of Bojack Horseman, Netflix’s favourite […]

Captive State Is A World Dominated By Aliens

Alien invasion is a very old genre. As is dystopia. However, a dystopian fiction where the aliens have already won is pretty rare. With the exceptions of horror films like Invasion of the Bodysnatchers, I can’t think of many films that explore society with extraterrestrials completely in control. It is this precise society that Rupert […]

Christopher Eccleston Reprises Doctor Who Role

Gutted that Chris Eccleston didn’t appear in the 50th anniversary? So am I, but I’m happy to report he made a brief return for a far nobler occasion; a wedding! Two doctor who fans, Eccleston kindly sent a clip of himself congratulating them in character. He opens the video with familiar snark, lamenting his lack of […]

Karl Urban Discusses Tarantino’s Star Trek Vision

Actor Karl Urban (who portrays Bones McCoy in the recent films) has a lot to say about Quentin Tarantino’s proposed Star Trek film. Talking to Trek Movie, the New Zealand actor explained the potential future title is “bananas.” While future of Star Trek 4 is uncertain due to salary disputes, Urban is nevertheless excited about […]

Die Hard 6 Official Title Has Been Released

Thirty years ago Bruce Willis‘ iconic John McClane made his on-screen debut in Die-Hard. With Die Hard 6 on the way, the film’s title is now available, giving us an idea of what to expect. Previous titles such as A Good Day To Die Hard and Die Hard With A Vengeance emphasized adventure and action aspects. […]

Big Mouth Season 2 Trailer Reveals Release Date

Big Mouth season 2 is coming. The lewd animated sitcom Big Mouth is coming back with a second season really soon! The series, created by  Nick Kroll, Andrew Goldberg, Mark Levin, and Jennifer Flackett, approaches our tween years with hilarious honesty. Based on Kroll and Goldberg’s experience in high school, it represents the arrival of puberty through the grotesque Hormone […]

Early Bird Tickets For Dublin Games Festival Now Available

Early bird tickets for Fublin Games Festival are now available until September 1st! On the 24th Novemeber in the RDS, gamers will be able to see the best the industry has to offer. More competitive guests will enjoy Esports, with games such as Fortnite, LoL, Tekken 7 and Rocket League. For those more career-minded attendees, […]

PSN Search Feature Getting A Fix

No one enjoys the search function of the Playstation Network on the PS4. The slow, clunky PSN Search function has long hampered gamer enjoyment. It demands players scroll down the alphabet letter-by-letter, with varied results as seen in the image below. However, this will soon change! According to screenshots of upcoming updates (version 6.0 beta […]

Deadpool 2 | Review – Blood, Bullets and Other B Words!

Deadpool 2 effectively capture my mood in its opening scene, referencing its own existence in a post-Logan world. Having finally given Wolverine his bittersweet send-off, we find ourselves in an uncertain world. The past is secure in the hands of McAvoy’s gang of X-Teens, but the future is up in the air. Does it belong […]

Nerd Hero – Taika Waititi

For the past few weeks, I’ve been binge watching Netflix. Having watched What We Do in the Shadows (a film for all occasions) I finally got around to Hunt for the Wilderpeople. Since then, I’ve become increasingly obsessed with New Zealand filmmaker Taika Waititi.  Born in the North Island to Maoi and Russian-Jewish parents, Waititi […]