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PSN Search Feature Getting A Fix

PSN Search Feature Getting A Fix


No one enjoys the search function of the Playstation Network on the PS4. The slow, clunky PSN Search function has long hampered gamer enjoyment. It demands players scroll down the alphabet letter-by-letter, with varied results as seen in the image below.

searching for ‘ant’ in the PlayStation Store on PS4 as of August 2018

However, this will soon change! According to screenshots of upcoming updates (version 6.0 beta 3) from ResetEra forum poster Kyoufu,  Sony plans to update the system with a new search bar. The new system will use an on-screen keyboard similar to the one used for log-in details.

PlayStation 4 search function in firmware v6.0 beta 3

But that’s not all! The new search results will update for each letter typed in, and will even include results based on publisher and genre.  Consider us impressed but what do you think? Is this change a long time coming?

How do you think the new system will help? Let us know in the comments!