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Devil May Cry 5: Preview

These impressions have taken nearly as long to arrive as the game they’re for, the long-awaited and often thought never happening sequel to Devil May Cry 4, DMC 5 is here. The rocky history of the Devil May Cry franchise since DMC4 back in 2008 is well known: a franchise that increased sales with every […]

In Our Wake – Atreyu

After three years of silence, Atreyu are back. If you’ve never heard of Atreyu there is only one description for them that comes to mind, from years ago. “Atreyu is too goth to be emo, too metal to be punk, and too brazenly emotional to be metal” Three weeks ago they announced their second album […]

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Impressions From GamesCom 2018

What’s This Sekiro Thing Then? Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice raised many an eyebrow during its cryptic reveal and with its initial gameplay trailer. Last year saw the release of Tecmo Koei’s brilliant Nioh, an early Edo period Japan set action RPG that did not hide it’s Souls inspiration. Then Sekiro was revealed and it turned […]

Games With Gold September: Prison Architect & More

Microsoft has revealed the games they’re making free under the Games With Gold programme in September. Leading the pack is Prison Architect on Xbox One, where you can build and manage your own prison, which is available throughout September. (RRP €24.99) Following that is Livelock, a top-down co-operative shooter, that will go live on September 16 […]

Press Start: I Don’t Think God Of War Is For Me Anymore

So the new God Of War reboot, cleverly titled God Of War meaning I’ll have to append (2018) to it every time, is just around the corner. I was a big fan of God Of War 1-3, and sadly I’m just not interested in this one. Worse than not being interested, I’m worried about its […]

‘Upside Down (Stranger Things Song)’ – Miracle Of Sound – Track Of The Day

Everyone on the internet knows that Stranger Things 2 came out not too long ago. I was a massive fan of the first season, despite my less than positive feelings about horror in general. So it surprised me that I just couldn’t work up the enthusiasm to start watching the new season. That finally changed a […]

Press Start: What’s The Deal With Game Adverts?

It’s no secret that the game industry likes its lies. Chances are most of you don’t see them as lies; I didn’t always see them that way. I am speaking, of course, about game adverts. Adverts can be pretty easily put on a scale of how representative they are of the gameplay. The sad part […]

Press Start: The Rise And Rise Of Simulation and RTS Games

So, I really like simulation games (sim-games). I have played so much of Cities Skylines that it may be the best value for money I’ve bought. I am also a big fan of RTS games, Civilisation V being my current vice (I can’t afford to drop the money on Civ VI, forgive me). My enjoyment […]

Bioshock: Remastered For macOS On Tenth Anniversary

Welcome Back To Rapture August 22 is the tenth anniversary of the initial release of Bioshock, a game that rocked into many hearts. It will also mark the day that Bioshock Remastered is releasing on Mac, and it’s bringing enhanced 1080p graphics with it. David Stephen, the Managing Director of Feral Interactive had this to say; […]

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Gets NieR Automata Crossover

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius is no stranger to crossovers, however, it’s next one is a bit more understandable than the last. After the event that saw Ariana Grande appear in the game, it’s now mixing in with NieR Automata. Friday, August 11 sees the crossover event begin, and it will last until August 24. During this […]