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EwTube: Time To Feel Good

Ok so we are week three into 2016 and while I can’t speak for everyone I’ve failed at almost every resolution I set for this year but on the plus side that’s a new record for me personally! So that’s something to be positive about. I’m attempting to pick up the pieces and restart those promises […]

EwTube: Sloths And The New Year Rush

I don’t know about you, but I just started back in college and I DO NOT have the energy for it. I suppose it’s to be somewhat expected after several weeks of gluttonous reprieve. But I can think of a more adorable sin I’ve indulged in. Or at least, an animal of the same name: sloth. […]

EwTube: Christmas Fails

December is finally upon us and with it all things merry and cheerful and bright. We all know Christmas time can be a time of wonder; it can be a period of excitement and ecstatic joy. But you know what? Like anything we love and ultimately look forward to, it can go belly up. And […]

EwTube: Team Fortress Ew

Fan films of Valve’s various universes have been around for years, thanks to the easy availability of Garry’s Mod, and more recently, Source Film Maker. As SFM is the software Valve itself uses in-house, it’s led to some incredibly creative videos that are near-indistinguishable from professional work. The majority of these videos are Team Fortress […]

EwTube: So Spoopy!

Halloween may be over for another year (the wailing you’re hearing is probably me sobbing my heart out because… Halloween is awesome!) but that doesn’t mean horror has to go away for twelve months. Right guys? Right…? Well, in my household horror is watched almost daily and believe me when I say, there are some […]

EwTube: Kung Fu Kommercials

I love a bitta Kung-Fu me. Even if some films are crap they usually have one or two good fights. That’s what YouTube was invented for. But it’s not just limited to films. Occasionally you will see a fantastic TV ad all about the art of Chinese kick assery. And what’s the best place to […]

EwTube: Irish Shorts

Shorts?! Sure ’tis no time of year to be wearing shorts in Ireland! Ahh, but no, it’s not those sort of shorts we’re here for today. These ones can all be enjoyed indoors from right near the warm glow of your computer monitor. Just below here are some great examples of short movies, both live action […]

EwTube: Totes Inappropes

Right it should go without saying that these videos are totally NSFW and may cause offence to those with a sensitive nature and should only be watched alone, in the dark under a blanket away from Gods eyes! I just want to make sure that every one reading this is aware that yes these videos […]