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EwTube: Time To Feel Good

EwTube: Time To Feel Good


Ok so we are week three into 2016 and while I can’t speak for everyone I’ve failed at almost every resolution I set for this year but on the plus side that’s a new record for me personally! So that’s something to be positive about.

I’m attempting to pick up the pieces and restart those promises and where better to turn to for inspiration than the internet.

So hang up the running shoes for a few minutes and stop the calorie counting and remember that no matter how much we fail these people have failed just that bit harder.

Truck drives into guy with exercise ball

So this is pretty simple in concept and on paper the physics seem good and you could even go so far as to give it a quick thought that it might be even fun to try. Just watch this! All I can say is thank you to what ever idiot filmed it.


Upper Class Twit of the Year – Monty Python’s The Flying Circus

A classic from Monty Python’s The Flying Circus archives. John Cleese commentates an obstacle course to win the upper class twit of the year award and well there’s not much else to say about… enjoy!


How To: Paintball (GoPro)

Look real talk hear guys. We have all been paintballing at one point or another (and if you haven’t go do it now!) and as someone who plays Airsoft I get it. The mask can be uncomfortable, they fog up, you can’t see anything and on top of all that you’ve got a bunch of your friends/enemies who aim for cheap shots shooting at you.

You need to get to cover fast! This is how NOT to take cover!

Jersey Boys Movie CLIP – It’s A Sign (2014) – Christopher Walken Musical HD

Ok so musicals, I love. The Jersey Boys I love even more but poor Tommy here just can’t see the sign.

100 Ways to Die in Fallout 4 (Part 1) mans1ay3r ver.

Yep. It’s Mans1ay3r what how much fail do you want in one video.