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BioShock HD Collection Announced

For the past while there has been a lot of speculation on a BioShock HD collection but there was no official word until now. 2K dropped this trailer just after E3 for us to foam at the mouth over. The collection will include the first game and its sequel BioShock 2 plus Protector Trials and Minerva’s […]

Battlefield 1: Pre-Order Details

The upcoming shooter from DICE Battlefield 1 is getting the usual treatment it seems. People who pre-order the game now will get The Hellfighter pack as well as access to a free map drop seven days early. But wait there’s more… The Early Enlister edition of the game. This version of the game includes everything mentioned above however it also […]

New Attraction In China Simulates Death

A new attraction in China has generated a lot of attention lately. This new attraction in a nutshell tries to simulate death, cremation and then rebirth. The whole thing starts with a group of people picking each other out one by one to die. Once you’ve been selected, you experience the whole sequence of events. Then […]

Modding Projects – EwTube

So with the first  Fallout 4 DLC to dropped and with the Creation Kit coming in April I think it high time to see what the community has been doing with Bethesda’s previous titles. These are some of the biggest modding projects going on right now in the community. These teams have been working hard to […]

Fallout 4: Automatron DLC Releases Tomorrow

Ahead of its release tomorrow, Bethesda have shared a trailer for their upcoming DLC, Fallout 4: Automatron,  which is going to bring robot building into the Commonwealth as well as bring back the familiar robot enemy to the game, the Robobrain. The trailer shows us some really cool stuff coming to Fallout with this DLC. The […]

Fallout Shelter 1.4 Update Released

Bethesda just dropped a huge update to Fallout Shelter recently with a spontaneous release of the brand new 1.4 update. Check out the trailer for the update below: This new update to Bethesda’s mobile app includes quite a few new big features including crafting rooms where you can turn junk into useful items. Junk cards are […]

The End – Boss Rush

That’s right its back baby! Bad guys, villains and monsters, all the people we love to hate packed into ‘Boss Rush’. The Metal Gear series has been around for the last 20 years or so then you’ve probably played at least one of the titles. If like me you joined the series in the early […]

Deadpool Flashmob! It’s As Awesome As It Sounds!

At the best of times Deadpool is a pretty cool character, the rest of the times he can be super confusing to get your head around. Couple that with his multiple personalities all of which somehow manage to appear at every convention ever. It can all be bit surreal but that we’ve seen all there is to […]

1080p Doom Will Run At 60 FPS On All Platforms

A 1080p Doom will be fully capable of running at 60fps on PC, Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 according to id Software, developers of the game. “We want players to wonder how DOOM and idTech 6 games can be so visually stunning at 60 frames-per-second at 1080p on all platforms, when other titles cannot even achieve […]

New Gotham Mini-Series Called Gotham Stories To Be Released

So while DC’s big hitting show Gotham is on a mid-season break, they have decided to launch a small mini series to keep all you Gotham junkies going. Titled Gotham Stories, this mini motion comic series is going to bridge certain plot points between the break. If you’re a fan of the new X-Files, you can see […]