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Back Issues: Hot Hunky Heartthrobs

Back Issues: Hot Hunky Heartthrobs


Do you ever get thirsty when reading comics? Find your eyes lingering just a little longer on those muscles, taut figures posed against the forces of evil? You my friend have the thirst!

Adam and Declan have the cure!

Take one of these tall drinks of water and fall head over heels in love with these hunky comic book heartthrobs who’re all heart and heroism. There’s no ranking here because they’re all number ones!

Hulkling – Young Avengers

Hulkling_h3Theodore ‘Teddy’  Altman aka Dorrek VIII aka Hulkling is our green Adonis second only to his namesake the Hulk on this list. While Teddy may not possess the ferocious raw power of the Hulk he can certainly hold his own in any fight.

Even as a towering hulk of muscle, Teddy has his weaknesses but in his case it’s other half, Wiccan. Fine! This one is taken and they’re an adorable couple but pretty sure he’d drop the wizarding wonder for us!

Teddy is a bear in terms of strength but also his cuddliness and evenings spent snuggled up on the couch after a hard day beating up bad guys.

Marko – Saga

markoWe love nothing more than a guy who loves his family. They don’t get any more protective of their brood than Saga’s Marko.

A footsoldier from ‘Wreath’, this moonie turned his back on his people, his culture and the war after he fell in love with the series’ other protagonist Alana.

Since the pair got together and had a child they’ve been on the run from both sides and through it all including the very messy birth of his daughter Marko hasn’t faltered putting his life on the line in the name of family and love.

Who could honestly turn down this family man? Horns and all!

Luke Cage – Heroes For Hire

Luke Cage

It’s like all our Sweet Christmases have come at once with Luke Cage.

Strong, Silent, Strong, have we mentioned how strong he is?

Going by the alias of PowerMan for quite some time, this is one hot hunk we want in our squad. Whether it’s to carry the groceries in from the boot of the car, massage our feet after a hard day in the office or kick the crap out of thugs.

Luke Cage is a man with a specific set of skills that we definitely need in our life.

Dick Grayson – Nightwing

NightwingCan you say, hair on fleek?

This Dick certainly needs no introduction. The ultimate in tall, dark and handsome, with a chiselled jaw that could cut cement like butter.

Nightwing is the token trophy hunk.

He’s just there to look great in spandex, and we challenge you to find any hero that looks better in it. Be still my throbbing heart! Lets not even mention how many rules this guy breaks.

I mean, wearing blue with black dude? Rebel much?

Sawyer – Rat Queens

Listen no one is going to make you feel bad for lingering a little longer on those pages where our captain of the guards was imprisoned and shackled naked. No one! Keep your hands off him though because this sword fighter and all round bad ass is ours… and maybe Hannahs and if you cross us and survive trust us when we say you  won’t survive the onslaught and attitude she rains down on you.

Sawyer is tough but has heart and while his judgement is often clouded (because of Hannah) we’re pretty sure he’d be by our side if danger ever lurked it’s ugly masked tentacle loving head!


Stephen Stills – Scott Pilgrim

a380ca76eaa6e44bd81cdedbf3284c59He’s in a band! Okay his choice in friends is somewhat questionable but he’s got talent and attitude. The scruffy musician Stephen Stills sauntered into our hearts and has sat there ever since.

A cook, a singer, a good friend and the ‘talent’, Stephen Stills is the perfect catch up and the ideal man.

Peter Quill – Guardians of The Galaxy

Star LordOnce upon a time, in a galaxy far far away, there lived a guardian.

Peter Quill. Lord of the stars, breaker of our tender hearts, and the galaxy’s most romantic bad boy.

If all of that wasn’t enough to woo you, he sings Disney! Yes, in Star-lord & Kitty Pryde, Peter Quill was a belter of The Little Mermaid classic, Part of Your World. If that doesn’t make you swoon, you really need to go see Dr Banner about that stone cold heart of yours.

I mean, honestly!

Kon-El – Superboy

Super Boy

Genetically engineered from the human DNA of Paul Westfield, Superboy is the significantly more human version of Superman.Drawing his abilities from telekinesis, that gives him the ability to fly, simulating Superman’s strength and invulnerability.

Superboy is like the hot, do-gooder jock, that everyone crushes on in school.

Until you realise he’s been lying to you, and he’s actually been sleeping with your best friend Cassie behind your back all this time, so you slowly grow to hate him but at least he’s still pretty.

Hercules – All-New, All-Different Hercules


Hercules is quite literally, out of this world. He probably wouldn’t admit to you that it hurt when he fell out of heaven, but Hercules really is the work of gods.

From his fine chiseled physique, to his rugged “grooming is for mortals” attitude. We also admire the fact that he has given up the fur coats, choosing to represent the Nemean Lion in his sovereign gold bling belt buckle instead.

The handyman of the gods, you can always rely on Hercules to take the trash out.

Amadeus Cho – Totally Awesome Hulk

They don’t get bigger, hunkier or more brutish than the Hulk and in the all new Totally Awesome Hulk we got to meet a brand new green giant.

Amadeus Cho takes on the mantle possessing the ability to transform into the colossal wrecking ball of green fury. He’s not just muscle though behind his fists Cho possesses a genius-level intellect and a mind that allows him out-think his opponents when his muscles aren’t enough to get the job done.


Did we leave an unforgettable hunk out? Got a soulmate from the pages of your favourite comics? Let us know in the comments below!