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Saga – Comics 101

When one is starting out in the comics world, you may find yourself receiving messages of recommendation from those around you who know what you should read and what you should avoid. I guarantee that one of the titles you’ll be told to buy right away is Saga by Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples. […]

Back Issues: Hot Hunky Heartthrobs

Do you ever get thirsty when reading comics? Find your eyes lingering just a little longer on those muscles, taut figures posed against the forces of evil? You my friend have the thirst! Adam and Declan have the cure! Take one of these tall drinks of water and fall head over heels in love with […]

Style Saturday: Creepy Crawlies

All Hallow’s Eve is on us and now is the time to get your scariest face on and scare the youngsters roaming about. Some people have prepared all year, while others are having to come up with a last minute costume solution. Either case, just a bit of face paint can go a long way. Today […]

Back Issues: Fuzzy Friends

Everyone loves a hero, a likeable main character is the main reason anyone will follow a series and pick up each issue month on month (Or every six months for the trade-waiters among you). After all, if you don’t find the main character compelling, why bother following the story? All that said though, the protagonist alone […]