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Back Issues: Hot Hunky Heartthrobs

Do you ever get thirsty when reading comics? Find your eyes lingering just a little longer on those muscles, taut figures posed against the forces of evil? You my friend have the thirst! Adam and Declan have the cure! Take one of these tall drinks of water and fall head over heels in love with […]

Invader Zim Comic Coming July

“Doom is coming!” professed an ominous tweet from Oni Press a few days ago, and now doom is here. Well, not really, but a continuation of the much-loved Invader Zim is though! It’s official: Oni Press is partnering with @JhonenV & @NickelodeonTV for an original #InvaderZim comic, coming July! pic.twitter.com/F5vAbXZANA — Oni Press (@OniPress) February […]