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Nananananananana BATMAN! Back Issues

This last week we mourned the passing of the great Adam West, a man who has been synonymous with Batman since some of his earliest screen appearances. The usual image we get of the Dark Knight Detective is a brooding, demonic figure, perched above a gothic city skyline. Adam West’s Batman couldn’t possibly be any […]

Stupid Sexy Spacetime – Back Issues

Generally, comics tend to be less than amazing at portraying honest relationships. When it comes to dealing with sex, they’re mostly atrocious. Finally, almost all media has issues when it comes to including members of the wide spectrum of sexuality. Today on Back Issues, we’ll be covering some graphic novels (Not comics, because we’re stuffy adults here.) that […]

Frosty Foes – Back Issues

No, we’re not talking about villains who can throw shade better than Skeletor himself; we’re talking ice queens, cold crazies and chilly charlatans – those who cause their victims to freeze in terror. Or because, you know, they zapped them with their powers. This week on Back Issues we’re taking a look at some of the frostiest […]

Perfect Playboys – Back Issues

The world of comics is vast, from Marvel to Image and Dark Horse to DC. And in this ever-expanding world of comics, we have plenty of different characters to choose our favourites from; superheroes, anti-heroes, villains, damsels in distress, psychopathic clowns and more. There have been plenty of characters over the years that I’ve loved […]

Back Issues: Femme Fatales

Noir tales have a lot of common essential imagery and set pieces; smoky parlours; rain slicked pavements lit up by street lamps; the amoral protagonist molded by the corrupt world they live in. All these and more are present in almost every popular Noir tale, be it in cinema, or in a paperback. Few things however, are quite […]

Back Issues: Hot Hunky Heartthrobs

Do you ever get thirsty when reading comics? Find your eyes lingering just a little longer on those muscles, taut figures posed against the forces of evil? You my friend have the thirst! Adam and Declan have the cure! Take one of these tall drinks of water and fall head over heels in love with […]

Back Issues: Baffling Backstories

2015 closed a chapter of excellence in the comic book industry with fresh, creative casts of well-established properties and long-awaited arrivals of characters that we feel were well overdue for their own solo series. A testament to the popularity of superhero movies is that it brought a whole new audience casting a light upon the […]