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Pull List – Gideon Falls #1

Story by Jeff Lemire Pencils by Andrea Sorrentino Colours by Dave Stewart Published by Image Comics Over the past few months my pull list has been a fiasco. Either due to supplier issues, or other little hiccups I’ve ended up with massive gaps and a load of missing #1s. As a result, my comic reading […]

Sleepless #1 – Comicphiles

Story by Sarah Vaughn Art by Leila Del Duca Published by Image Comics Looks can be deceiving When it comes to fiction, I have always had a soft spot for a modern retelling of classic fairytales. In the interest of giving this comic book a fair review, my choice for this week’s edition of Comicphiles […]

Scales & Scoundrels #1 – Comicphiles

Story by Sebastian Girner Art by Galaad Published by Image Comics The number of fantasy comics in my To Read pile has completely dwindled this past year. Rat Queens went on (and eventually returned from) hiatus. Shutter came to an end, along with a few other short runs I’d been picking up. In fact, by the time Rat Queens did return, it was […]

Slots #1 – Comicphiles

Written, drawn and coloured by Dan Panosian A couple of days ago I saw a post on Image’s Facebook page about their new series Slots, which is part of Robert Kirkman‘s Skybound imprint. The post immediately caught my eye, and when I was given a chance to    review it I immediately jumped in. By the […]