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Sacred Creatures #1 Review – The Family From Hell

Sacred Creatures #1 Review – The Family From Hell


Family Is Sacred

You ever read a book or play a game and think ‘This feels like a TV show’. I don’t mean you’re watching/playing and thinking it would make a good show, but rather one that feels like it already is? I’m not talking about interactive drama games although they walk a fine line due to their episodic format. If you haven’t a clue what I’m talking about then grab Sacred Creatures #1 and you’ll totally catch my meaning.

Published by
Written by
Pablo Raimondi
Klaus Janson

Art by
Pablo Raimondi

Sacred Creatures kicks off in the present before jumping back to the past. In a spacious meeting room overlooking the city, a family have gathered. It’s tense, the odd bunch are up made of a middle aged and quiet man, an old woman, a young boy, two younger women and an impatient man all trade snide remarks, referring to each other as siblings. Their sparring match is broken up by the entrance of a young man, who exclaims ‘She’s dead.’ The only silent one, the middle aged man, takes a seat and lets the family and us know, that it’s begun.

We jump back 30 minutes to the scene of a murder and the story begins to unfold before us – a devious plot with every member of the family involved.

It Must Be Fate

Sacred Creatures #1 revolves around a young man named Josh. Josh is our soon to be murderer and the first issue sets up his ill-fated involvement with the family. A student and soon-to-be father, Josh’s life spirals out of control as he ‘happens’ to meet members of the family. Through these encounters we learn that the there is more to the family than meeting in darkened rooms – they have abilities and a goal, one they’re all conspiring to complete together. Josh is merely a tool for them to use to get the murder done, his target, a renowned humanitarian in town for an award ceremony.

The issue jumps back in forth between the past and the present. We saw Josh being setup but we also see him come to learn about the plot. All while being chased by giant hideous cat monsters, his escape and survival aided by a priest with powers of his own.

Family Issues

So this is a big comic, literally! There is a hefty amount of pages to get through and they are needed. There is a lot in the story and it’s the kind of plot that can get lost pretty easily. That’s not the case here, Pablo Raimondi and Klaus Janson manage to avoid that pitfall and deliver one of the best first issues I’ve ever read. The trope of a mysterious powerful family isn’t anything new nor is giving it a supernatural twist. Raimondi and Janson set up an interesting story, one that the first issue sells exceptionally well. There is something coming, the family are for better or worse (and something tells me it’s going to be worse) are waging war.

I was genuinely surprised to make my way through the first issue and not lose myself in the time jumps. The technique is used in movies and television shows all the time and even that can get messy pretty quickly.

Reading Into Things

Raimondi also takes on the duties of artist. He imitates the almost noir story telling in his art. While the comic uses colour it’s not exactly bursting from the pages. I have to note that while the character expressions are pretty powerful, the eyes are exceptional. I found myself constantly drawn to them. Whether it’s the aged and worn look staring out from the oldest sister or the stern and locking gaze of the head of the family, Raimondi has a knack for telling a story just with a look.

Sacred Creatures is officially on my pull list. I am hooked and enthralled just like Josh. I need to see where this goes and just what the family have in store. Is a war between angels and demons or is there more to this? If you’re into supernatural thrillers, then you’ll want to give Sacred Creatures a read.