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Pull List – Gideon Falls #1

Story by Jeff Lemire Pencils by Andrea Sorrentino Colours by Dave Stewart Published by Image Comics Over the past few months my pull list has been a fiasco. Either due to supplier issues, or other little hiccups I’ve ended up with massive gaps and a load of missing #1s. As a result, my comic reading […]

Wayward Sisters A Supernatural Spinoff

Carry On My Wayward…Daughter! Supernatural, The CW network’s never ending fantasy horror show is getting a spinoff! With how popular the show is it’s about time it got a proper spinoff, unlike Supernatural: Bloodlines, but uh, we don’t talk about that. With the upcoming 13th season slated for airing in October, the season will feature […]

Sony Picks Up /Reddoor Spec Script

Sony isn’t exactly well known for producing massively successful movie franchises. So it comes as a surprise to learn that Sony has picked up a spec script, called /Reddoor, over the weekend. The script was written by Teddy Tenenbaum and Minsun Park /Reddoor was picked up by producers; Barry Josephson, Liz Bassin and Jim Wedaa at the weekend. In an exclusive […]

Supernatural S12 Ep3 And Ep4 Review

Apologies for the super late Supernatural reviews! Between Halloween and Eirtakon, it’s been hectic for everyone. So let’s jump right in and talk about episodes 3 and 4! Episode 3 ‘The Foundry’ Mary Winchester has been having a seriously hard time adjusting to life in the bunker. Castiel finds her up late at night reading […]