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Supernatural S12 Ep3 And Ep4 Review

Supernatural S12 Ep3 And Ep4 Review


Apologies for the super late Supernatural reviews! Between Halloween and Eirtakon, it’s been hectic for everyone. So let’s jump right in and talk about episodes 3 and 4!

Episode 3 ‘The Foundry’

Mary Winchester has been having a seriously hard time adjusting to life in the bunker. Castiel finds her up late at night reading John’s journal, and she asks Cas how long did it take for him to feel like he belonged on Earth. He assures her that she belongs, but she doesn’t seem so sure. After cutting off her hair, she decides to immerse herself in hunting to distract from the situation (because we all know how well that works, right?) and finds a case in Minnesota. Both Sam and Cas have noticed how much she is struggling, but Dean doesn’t want to believe it.

Cas heads off to follow a lead on Lucifer, while the boys and Mary go ahead with the case where a couple died of frostbite inside a 62 degree abandoned house after hearing a baby cry. The baby turns out to be a doll (anyone else shudder?). They check out the house and Mary gets trapped with the ghost of a little boy. After some research, they discover that a lot of children have died in that house, but Mary doesn’t think the little boy is the one to blame.

When the boys head off to salt and burn all of the children’s graves just in case, Mary finds the ghost’s mother and has a little chat over the phone. Of course, mother’s intuition is correct; the little boy is not the evil spirit in the house. It turns out to be the father of the first child who died. He then possesses Mary but the boys turn up right on time.


Meanwhile Cas and Crowley, aka Agents Beyonce and Z, are off on a little side adventure to find Lucifer and Rowena. Lucifer has Rowena as his prisoner and is trying to force her to stop his vessel from deteriorating. Rowena, being the cunning little witch she is, pretends to go along with this, but instead she speeds up the decay and banishes Lucifer away to Chuck knows where.

Mary makes the decision to leave. She needs time to adjust away from the boys because she is grieving. Although they are right there, for her it’s like her little boys are gone. Also, she’s missing John a lot too, which is understandable; 30 years of being dead means nothing to her, it was just like yesterday to her when Sam and Dean were little and her husband was by her side (I’m not crying, you are!)

Episode 4 ‘American Nightmare’

A child services officer, Olivia, wanders into a church bearing the ‘stigmata’ marks, speaking in Aramaic and she collapses in front of the altar. Sam and Dean go to investigate, checking in with Child Protective Services. They meet Beth, a Wiccan who works there. Dean is still rather distraught over Mary’s departure, doing exactly what she tried to do in the last episode. Rather than dealing, he’s immersing himself in the new case, ignoring Sam’s attempts to talk. Cas informs the boys that he and Crowley are on Lucifer’s trail, and that Lucifer has taken the form of rock star Vince Vicente.

After a second person dies of the stigmata marks, the boys head out to meet an old school religious family that live off the grid, thanks to a tip from Beth. They’re a family so religious that they let their daughter Magda die of pneumonia because it was God’s will. After bringing back the priest outfits earlier in the episode, the boys are now sporting sweaters and cardigans. Dean Winchester in a cardigan struggling to climb over a small fence is a strange sight for sure.


After a brief chat with the Peterson family, the boys come out with conflicting ideas about who is responsible. Dean, after chatting with the father, Abraham, about why they live off the grid in the sticks, thinks Beth killed the people. Sam, on the other hand, thinks Magda the dead daughter is responsible. He had a sit down with the mother, who he thinks is crazy, and she reveals that she had an accident that left her with nerve damage. The voice of God came to her, telling her that she would be healed if she moved to the countryside. Sam of course knows now that God doesn’t do these things and that the family are responsible for the girl’s death. He has no problem telling them that either.

Sam also tries to talk to Dean again about Mary leaving, but he’s having none of it. He texted her, asking if she was okay. Also, if he could call her Mom or if she was Mary now. No text back. As far as he is concerned, she’s probably gone and never coming back. Sam thinks that the family just needs time apart. The brothers, having been dead several times themselves, should know that it takes a while to adjust again. While the boys are inside, a mysterious figure shows up on a motorcycle. They check out the Impala’s licence plate. This same motorcycle was shown last episode. But who is the mysterious rider? Is it the British Men of Letters psycho Mr. Ketch perhaps?

Sam discovers that Magda is in fact still alive, forced to whip herself and live in the basement by her mother. Dean goes to Beth’s office and quickly figures out that she’s not responsible for the killings. Sam is trying to call him, but as always our Sammy gets knocked out and captured. The Petersons toss him in the basement with Magda. It turns out that Magda is a psychic, but the mother believes it’s the devil working through her. Sam opens up to her about his time with psychic powers, assuring her that she’s not the devil.

He tries to get through to the family, but to no avail. The crazy mother has poisoned their dinner, so the family can go to heaven together. Abraham dies first, but Magda saves her brother with her powers. Unfortunately her mother is as good with a knife as she is with poison, so the poor brother dies anyway. Magda has a Carrie moment, tossing things across the room with her mind. Magda almost kills her mother, but lets her live after Sammy pleads with her. The cops arrest the mother and Magda is sent to live with an aunt. Unfortunately she doesn’t make it there, as our mysterious motorcyclist puts a bullet in her. It is indeed Mr. Ketch. He checks in with the Men of Letters, saying he knew the Winchesters couldn’t finish the job.

Mary also gives Dean a lovely response back, saying she’ll always be Mom to him. I guess it didn’t occur to him that it probably took her that long to figure out how to text back. Moms and technology eh?

Check back soon for Episode 5 ‘The One You’ve Been Waiting For’ only on The Arcade!