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Top 7 Fictional Bromances

Ah yes. The bromance. Defined perhaps best by Turk and JD in a song for the ages, ‘Guy Love‘. There’s something inherently endearing about this unique relationship in fiction. And a theme of ‘sidekicks’ was all the excuse I needed to compile a list of my favourite bromances in fiction. 7. Cole and Zeke (inFamous) Man, […]

Idjits! – EwTube

Supernatural fans all over Ireland are ecstatic about the news of Jim Beaver coming as a guest to Dublin Comic Con, so in honour of that and the end of season 11, I decided that today’s EwTube would be a little tribute to the best moments of Bobby Singer. Behind The Scenes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iW4ARc8jNgU A lot […]

Style Saturday: Wearing Winchester

Those boys are back again – Supernatural has risen from the darkness for season 11. The adventures of the brothers Winchester have long been jumping the shark, going from ridiculous to ridiculous with each season. This time around, they’ve found themselves going against the darkness that existed before the light. Or something like that, it’s […]