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Supernatural S12 Ep2 ‘Mamma Mia’ Review

Supernatural S12 Ep2 ‘Mamma Mia’ Review


This week’s Supernatural started off with a bang! Quite literally. Fans were treated to the sight of shirtless Sam, as he was in bed with Lady Bevell?!

In the very confusing opening scene, Sam Winchester and Lady Toni Bevell were cosied up in bed together. This was rather bewildering as when we left them last week, Sam was still trapped in the basement after trying to kill her. He freely started answering her questions, which created even more confusion. In the last episode, Sam had been so determined not to answer, he let himself be tortured.

But of course, it was all another one of Lady Bevell’s tricks. A rather potent spell that causes a hallucination. Sam manages to break free of the spell, after realising that the whole situation was really wrong. Sam is still tied to the chair, and regains his ‘screw yourself’ stance. Lady Bevell really is determined to get her answers no matter what.  She threatens him with even more torture.

Dean was also feeling some confusion this week. With Mary back from the dead, he has no idea what to do or how to act. He asked Cas for some advice, because Cas himself got dropped into the modern world a few years ago with no idea how to be a human. Cas really understands Mary’s position in the world right now. She’s out-of-place in time. Dean is really worried he’s going to overwhelm her, but Cas tells him not to over-complicate things.

Mary really broke my heart in this episode, when she tells Dean she’s afraid to face Sam. All of this started with her and Azazel, the Yellow Eyed Demon, so she feels really guilty. She also makes a comment about how John was a great father, which I’m sure made fans all over cringe because she has so much to learn about her beloved John. When Cas finds out Sam’s location, Dean and Mary head out. On the way there, Dean tells her about how her death changed John, how he got taken over by the hunter life. She also finds out that Sam had a chance to get out of the life, but came back anyway. Makes you wonder if she is angry at John for forcing this life on her boys, one she so desperately tried to get away from.


Dean ends up getting himself captured too. The Men of Letters must keep some seriously good records on the Winchesters, because Lady Bevell knows about Sam’s relationship with Ruby, and Dean’s friendship with Benny the vampire. Although she could just be an avid fan of Chuck’s Supernatural books. Mary comes in and shows off her badassery, holding her own against Lady Bevell in hand to hand combat. Of course, her Ladyship cheats and uses her magic to gain the upper hand. Thankfully, Dean clocks her and Mary is safe.

As it turns out, Lady Bevell is in big trouble. She was only meant to gather information on hunters, not kidnap and torture them for information. Another agent of the British Men of Letters, Mick, shows up and apologises to the Winchesters, and takes her away to suffer the consequences in London. Although this may not be the case as Mick seems to agree with her, saying he’s called in Mr. Ketch to help. All we know of Mr. Ketch is that he is a very dangerous man, trained in the higher levels of torture.

Fans were also given another treat this episode as the new Lucifer was revealed! Although we’re all sad to say goodbye to Mark Pellegrino, it will be fun to see what Rick Springfield does with the character.


Our favourite witch Rowena is trying to leave the life, hooking her claws into a rich unsuspecting businessman. Crowley blackmails her into helping find Lucifer, and to destroy him. Lucifer is up to his old tricks, haunting rock star Vince Vincente with visions of his dead girlfriend. He tricks Vince into letting him in, so Lucifer has his new vessel. He promptly shows up in Hell to reclaim his throne, Crowley and Rowena try to fight him but Lucifer is victorious. Crowley runs off, leaving poor Rowena behind. Lucifer decides he’s going to keep her as a prisoner. It will be really interesting to see what Lucifer’s plans are, now that God is back on hiatus.

Back to the familial side of things, Sam, Dean and Mary have a nice little family dinner. Sam is rather overwhelmed by Mary being there. Dean on the other hand is happily stuffing his face with pie. Really happily. Mary tries to use some new fangled lingo by suggesting they call the internet to help with the Men of Letters situation. She almost got it right, bless her.

Sam and Mary have a beautiful moment. He gives her John’s journal, telling her how it helped him fill in the blanks when he came back. Then he tells her that having her there fills in the biggest blank in his life. (I’m not crying, you are!). It’s so heartwarming and heartbreaking at the same time, because we know Sam never had a chance to know Mary. As she flips through John’s journal, Mary gets rather emotional. Dean is also having an emotional moment, looking through his old family photos. I’m sure we all got pretty emotional at this point.

Seeing the boys reunited with Mary is so sweet, but also scary because one has to wonder, are they going to lose her again? We’ll have to keep watching to find out!