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If Miyazaki Films Were Like Other Anime

Ever caught yourself wondering what Studio Ghibli movies would like if they were stereotypical Anime shows? Yeah me neither! However the team over at CollegeHumour obviously did and they’ve taken some of Miyazaki’s masterpieces and transported them to other Anime Universes. Funnily enough I’d actually like to see a Spirited Away in a magical scenario! Someone […]

Dear Arcade… Loved And Lost… Again!

A few weeks after we started TheArcade.ie our tiny office was flooded with letters looking for help. An outpouring from readers around the world desperate for advice and guidance. Unable to deal with the volume, we just ignored them hoping they would go away. They haven’t! So in an effort to deal with our problem […]

Building Your Geek Fortress 101

So the weekend has come and gone and what have you to show for it? Were you forced to clean your room? Was your gaming space invaded by relatives? The television conquered by chores? Well, you are not the only one. Thousands, nay, millions of us across the world suffer at the hands of weekend […]

Gif Essay – Overwatch… Overemotional

For the last 72 hours I’ve pretty much done nothing but shove food in my face and smash the controller as I dive into yet ANOTHER match of Overwatch. If you’re like me chances are you’ve been on a gaming marathon bender and all those games are starting to blur into one, in a weird hazy way. […]

EwTube: Time To Feel Good

Ok so we are week three into 2016 and while I can’t speak for everyone I’ve failed at almost every resolution I set for this year but on the plus side that’s a new record for me personally! So that’s something to be positive about. I’m attempting to pick up the pieces and restart those promises […]

Champion First Impressions : Jhin

In follow up to the video teased earlier this week, League of Legends just announced their latest addition to the champion roster, Jhin, The Virtuoso, a rather… interesting new face on the rift. In a surprise to pretty much no one given how he was teased, Jhin is an AD carry (…Marksman, sorry!) with an extreme flair […]

Cat Crowned Halloween King

Just give up! Put the latex down! Take the makeup off! Put the bin bags back into the press under the sink! This cat has taken the Halloween crown! Never ever has a cat looked so adorable and so angry at the same time! He’s working and hating every second he wears the costume proving […]

Geek N’ Bake: Bittersweet Lulu Cupcakes

We’re not just masters of makeup, fashion and the occasional article, we’re also kitchen masters. Okay we’re not masters of anything unless Pokémon counts (and even then it’s a stretch!). What we do like doing, though, is trying our hand at anything and when it combines making food and eating food, there’s nothing better than […]