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EwTube – Lindsay Ellis AKA The Nostalgia Chick

As a teenager, I couldn’t get enough of Channel Awesome’s content. I especially enjoyed the Nostalgia Critic, and I eventually started watching his female counterpart, Lindsay Ellis, aka The Nostalgia Chick. Funnily enough, I remembering really disliking Ellis’ videos on Channel Awesome, feeling that she wasn’t following the ‘format.’ In hindsight, I realised that this […]

Get Up And Move! – EwTube

It’s getting to that time of year again. Summer is quickly coming to a close, the gloomy autumn weather is well and truly setting in and the ‘back to school fear’ is creeping slowly upon us – it doesn’t matter when you last set foot in a classroom, us Irish are plagued with this terror […]

Emergency Awesome – EwTube

Nowadays for every popular TV show out there, there are more than a dozen YouTube channels doing episode breakdown videos. For this week’s addition of EwTube, I am going to introduce you all to my favourite such YouTube channel, Emergency Awesome. Emergency Awesome is the brainchild of Los Angeles based YouTuber Charlie Schneider. Since joining […]

Ewtube – Animaniacs Best Moments

With the news that an Animaniacs reboot might soon be on the horizon, I’ve been spending my time looking up some old sketches. I spent so many years watching this show religiously after school. It’s almost impossible for me to pick a definitive favourite part. However, I do have some highlights. Nations Of The World Though the song may […]

Puppy Time! – EwTube

It’s too hot outside. Sleep is a nightmare in this heat. You’re tired, cranky, sweaty and gross. But there’s one thing that I know will cure your woes. Puppies! To me, there is not a problem that can’t be solved by than a puppy acting an absolute fool, so to brighten your day I’ve picked […]

Corgi Butts – EwTube

I could write a serious article on some cool theme including science fiction or vloggers. But what do we all really want to see when it’s only the middle of the working week; doggos. The internet, even Facebook, is flooded with animal pictures and videos, so how to narrow it down was hard. Every other pupper […]

EwTube – Great Scenes in Bad Movies.

Lots of terrible movies have one or two moments of interest that almost make them watchable. Then sometimes we get a bad film with one single scene that is so spectacular and creative it tricks people into thinking the whole movie is incredible when, of course it isn’t. I’m referring to just one scene, one little […]