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Corgi Butts – EwTube

Corgi Butts – EwTube


I could write a serious article on some cool theme including science fiction or vloggers. But what do we all really want to see when it’s only the middle of the working week; doggos.

The internet, even Facebook, is flooded with animal pictures and videos, so how to narrow it down was hard. Every other pupper fanpage or famous kitten Facebook is clouding my feed from real life people. Y

et nothing grabs one’s attention (even if you’re not a dog) like the fluffly derrier of a Corgi.If you’re not a Corgi fan (get out) you can embrace the title as being literal.

Ein the Corgi

Glorious Corgi’s

Corgi’s are the obsession of many people, even the ever graceful royal family, so it’s important to show the rest of the doggo too. So before we get straight into sniffing butts, here are a few videos of all of the Corgi in it’s fine adorable form.

Whether you just love their little limbs…

…Or their attentiveness to your chores!

Corgi Fluffy Butts

Buzzfeed even have a Corgi loving page if this post isn’t enough to wet your appetite…

The Corgi’s behind naturally bumps up and down, but on stairs the effect is even more adorable.

The Corgi is well aware of it’s own appeal, following it around when it’s bored.