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EwTube – Regular Ordinary Swedish Meal Time (ROSTM)

EwTube – Regular Ordinary Swedish Meal Time (ROSTM)


For this week’s edition of EwTube I felt like talking about what, for many years, was my favourite YouTube channel, Regular Ordinary Swedish Meal Time.

ROSMT came to life as a retort to Epic Meal Time. Many years ago Niclas Lundberg and his friend Isak watched one of their videos after a night of partying and felt like making a similar video. They made a video of Niclas cooking spaghetti and thus ROSMT was born.

The channel isn’t active anymore, but then again they also went through a hiatus some years ago and they came back. So I’m hoping that at some point Niclas and the others return. Especially to give that dastardly Mr. Fox his comeuppance. Before we start with the videos, do me a favour, turn the subtitles on. You’ll appreciate it more.

And remember, mayonnaise = pre=dinner snack. Good for you!

Spaghetti Explosion

The video that started everything. Some of their identity signs are already strong in this video, mostly the Swenglish and Niclas fecking shit up. Although he doesn’t scream, and the way he takes his pre-dinner snack is different. Apart from that, Isak is the only other person in the video, by the time they made Meatball Massacre all the crew would be in it.

Satanic Salad

Niclas is deceived into making a salad. Need I say more?

Massive Meatloaf Mayhem

This video was the first one to feature Mr. Fox. Mr. Fox would become a foil to Niclas to the point of being directly responsible of the show’s first hiatus by shaving Niclas‘s beard. Next time, Mr. Fox.

I’m also sure he was behind the lack of mayo in this video.

Lethal Lasagne

In 2012 ROSMT went on a hiatus. They came back in 2014 to a new, immaculate kitchen. Of course, this kitchen would end up in tatters. I mean, they cut onions (HACKA LÖCKEN!) with an axe! As these videos go on, their kitchen table gets in a progressively worse state.

Nuclear Spaghetti –  A Blast From The Past

It’s oddly fitting that the video ROSMT made to celebrate their million subscribers (and the last cooking video they’ve made) is a remake of their first ever video.

I could’ve chosen some other videos, but I ran the risk of linking the whole channel in this article. I’ve been rewatching some of these lately out of nostalgia. Back in the day I had fun watching them and I hope they’re back at some point!

Have you watched ROSMT before? Let us know in the comments!