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Ewtube – Animaniacs Best Moments

Ewtube – Animaniacs Best Moments


With the news that an Animaniacs reboot might soon be on the horizon, I’ve been spending my time looking up some old sketches. I spent so many years watching this show religiously after school. It’s almost impossible for me to pick a definitive favourite part. However, I do have some highlights.

Nations Of The World

Though the song may be updated due to political shifts, this still helps for about 90% of the world. I wouldn’t honestly be able to name a lot of the smaller countries without this song. Plus it’s just so dang catchy!

A Quake! A Quake!

I’ve never lived in Los Angeles. However, based on this song I don’t think I’d want to. Even today LA is infamous for its seismic activity. If there’s one line that stands out as golden in this song, it’s this one: “Since Mr. Richter can’t predict, you’re kicking our asphalt!” That, my friends, is how you make an adult joke to kids!


Interestingly, this is based on an actual song. It’s used for teaching people basic German. Albeit I wasn’t trying to learn German when I looked this up, but hey! Though I’m pretty sure if I sang this in Germany I’d get kicked out very fast. No one likes to be randomly undressed for the sake of comedy anymore.

Hello Nurse!

One of the most iconic jokes of the series was Hello Nurse. Every time the Warner Brothers saw her, they’d drool. The thing I love most about this song though is that almost none of the qualities listed involve her looks. With the blonde hair, hourglass figure and bright red lips, you could easily call her the stereotypical attractive cartoon character. But that’s not why the boys love her. No, they love her for all the PHD’s she has. Way to send the right message to young girls, Warner Bros!

The Wheel of Morality

What would this show be without the Wheel of Morality? Nothing but cartoon hilarity, that’s what! But it’s important to teach the kids a lesson or two while you’ve got their attention. I’ve actually managed to keep in tune with one of their teaching. “Early to rise and early to bed keeps a man healthy but socially dead!” Thank god I never sleep!