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EwTube: Sloths And The New Year Rush

EwTube: Sloths And The New Year Rush


I don’t know about you, but I just started back in college and I DO NOT have the energy for it. I suppose it’s to be somewhat expected after several weeks of gluttonous reprieve. But I can think of a more adorable sin I’ve indulged in. Or at least, an animal of the same name: sloth.

Scream When You Have To Go Outside!

Or at least squeak so the world knows of your displeasure.

You’re Not Moving Fast Enough

Sometimes you just need a helping hand.

You’re Just Not Ready For People

People speak with enthusiasm as you struggle to stay awake.

A Full Day Of Movement

Enough to wear you out after five minutes but not to bad when you get into the flow of things.

You Can End The Day With A Much Needed Snooze

Just lather yourself with something buttery and wrap yourself in decorative gauze. …Wait, no, you probably shouldn’t do that. Just fall into bed instead.

I’ve been exhausted since break’s end. How have you found it? Dragging yourself out of bed in the mornings or hopping out the door? Let us know in the comments.