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Screen Savers – The Amityville Horror

I never claim to be a horror aficionado. I’ve watched a fair few horror films and series, read some Lovecraft, played Silent Hill 2 and have a general understanding of how the genre works in a mechanical and literary sense, but I’m not exactly a horror maniac. I still know when a horror film is […]

5 Kickstarters Keeping The Retro Dream Alive

Retro-styled games have been back in vogue for the past few years, becoming the go-to for independent developers all around the world. There’s plenty of reasons for this: the pixelated art styles associated with retro games are vastly cheaper for small (as small as one person) teams to create; there are plenty of entry-level tools […]

Super Sweet Saturday Synthwave Soundtrack

In keeping with today’s retro theme, let’s take a look at one of the fastest-growing musical scenes of the New Tens – synthwave! Synthwave is a genre out to revive the 80s in the best way, capturing the sights and sounds of the decade and bringing it into the modern era. Neon grids, sunsets and […]

Bravely Default Postmortem – A Worthy Final Fantasy Successor?

Final Fantasy has somewhat lost its way over the years. As the series constantly tries to reinvent itself to keep up with the times, it’s strayed further and further away from the formula that gave Squaresoft its initial success. A few years ago, they released Bravely Default, a spiritual successor to the classic Final Fantasy […]

‘Downfall’ – Architects – Track Of The Day

This track comes off of one of 2016’s best albums. Architects released All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us earlier this year to rave reviews, with publications praising the band’s chugging metalcore riffs, vocalist Sam Carter‘s furious yells and Tom Searle‘s impeccable songwriting. A heavy album through and through – heavy musically, heavy lyrically – ‘Downfall’ […]

‘On What You’re On’ – Busted – Track of the Day

I was the perfect tween age to worship Busted when they were around the first time. Raised on a playlist of pop punk and Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater soundtracks, the catchy hooks of Busted‘s first two albums were a huge part of my childhood and fit all my tastes to a tee. As we all […]

RePlay – Star Wars: Republic Commando

Star Wars has the dubious honour of being the epitome of a franchise that has been milked to death. Since 1977 we’ve seen countless tie-ins and expanded universe novels, games, comics etc. Some of them have been good, and some have been very, very bad. Luckily, tie-in video games for the franchise seem to have […]

RePlay – Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones

A few years ago, Fire Emblem Awakening released on 3DS. It was supposed to be the series’ high point, aiming to combine all of the previous games’ best mechanics while also implementing new ones to attract a new audience. You see, sales of Fire Emblem games hadn’t gone very well. The series is much more […]

Style Saturday – Life Is Strange! Hella Strange!

Summer can be a difficult time of year for people like me. You know, people whose wardrobes consist entirely of various shades of black and maybe some grey if you’re lucky. I…do not do well in the sun. Last year in Malta I got so badly burned that my entire left leg swelled up, so […]

‘Run You’ – The Qemists – Track of the Day

Fan of Pendulum? Then you’ll love The Qemists, today’s Track of the Day! The Qemists supported Crossfaith recently in Glasgow, and their set was honestly outstanding. I’ve never seen a crowd react so much to a support act – you know how for most support acts the crowd will just politely bob their heads in […]