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‘Downfall’ – The One Hundred – Track of the Day

Time for some fast-paced metal with The One Hundred for today’s Track of the Day! I was lucky enough to see these guys support Crossfaith in Glasgow recently, and they really surprised me with how energetic the show was and how well they commanded the crowd despite only playing a handful of songs. ‘Downfall’ was […]

‘Heartsigh’ – Purity Ring – Track Of The Day

Ethereal synthpop isn’t really all that hard to come by these days, but few do it with as much style as Purity Ring. The Canadian duo have released two albums now, and their latest effort Another Eternity was a surprising entry into my Best of 2015 late into the year. They’re a very visual band, […]

‘Flesh Without Blood’ – Grimes – Track of the Day

More pop for your earholes with Canada’s own ethereal synth pixie herself, Grimes! As much as I love Grimes‘ early works, the huge improvement in her vocals on ‘Flesh Without Blood’ makes the track for me. Art Angels was one of the best albums of last year, with Grimes expanding her sound in a more […]

‘Words of the Youth’ – Coldrain – Track of the Day

I know I’ve already featured Coldrain on this column before, but they recently announced their first headlining UK tour and it’s hitting Glasgow, so you’ll excuse me if I’m a little excited! These guys are honestly a barnstormer live, sounding as tight as they do in the studio, and I’m really looking forward to seeing […]

Fred: The Movie – Screen Savers

To be completely honest, I don’t watch movies all that often. Not out of principle or anything, I’m honestly just lousy at ever getting around to them, so usually by the time I see a film it’s already been recommended by a bunch of people whose opinions and tastes I trust. The end result of […]

Transformation Through Music – Video Game Gym

Alright, so if you saw my last vlog update, you’ll know that things have not gone well for me thus far. Between a bereavement and a lot of personal stuff I was going through, and with college work piling up, I didn’t have the time, enthusiasm, motivation or energy to go out and exercise. But […]

Music Monday – ChipTUNES

There’s something about chiptunes that just appeals to me. Maybe it’s the idea of taking something with a limited scope and using it in new and interesting ways. Maybe it’s the throwback to the sounds of my childhood. Maybe it’s the much simpler reason that a good number of chiptune tracks are bloody great, so […]

‘Chandelier’ – Renacer – Track of the Day

Today, we have a cover of the Sia song ‘Chandelier’ by the group Renacer. What could possibly go wrong? Nothing, it’s awesome, that’s what. I’m always a fan of a good cover, but I’d never heard of Renacer outside of this one.  But they’ve definitely piqued my interest with those fantastic vocals during the chorus, with the […]

‘I’ll Forget You’ – Beware of You – Track of the Day

Let’s give a shout-out to some Irish talent, shall we? Today’s track pick is by the excellent Beware of You! Blah blah, I’m pop punk trash, blah blah, we all know how this goes by now. So of course Dublin’s Beware of You are up my street. They’re an honestly excellent pop-punk band who manage […]

‘Going Underground’ – The Jam – Track of the Day

Time for some classic mod-flavoured punk from Paul Weller and The Jam! As much as I love my punk, I always preferred the American strain of early punk to the British version. Not that acts like the Sex Pistols weren’t great, it’s just that the poppiness of The Ramones and The Misfits appeals to me […]