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Transformation Through Music – Video Game Gym

Transformation Through Music – Video Game Gym


Alright, so if you saw my last vlog update, you’ll know that things have not gone well for me thus far. Between a bereavement and a lot of personal stuff I was going through, and with college work piling up, I didn’t have the time, enthusiasm, motivation or energy to go out and exercise.

But all that’s changed! The last two weeks have been a sort of transformation for me and it has been awesome. I got my first tattoo, actually, something permanently etched on my body as a reminder to put myself out there and just go for it. I mean, it’s a big gravestone with the words ‘Time’s Up’ on it, which I guess could be viewed as a bit morbid but that’s sort of the point. You never know when your time will be up, so I’ve been telling myself to seize every opportunity and just get out there!

One of the things that always gives me energy and motivation is music. It’s mainly what I write about on here, so I thought I’d share a few tracks that always give me that boost to push myself further and further!

First, open up Spotify, iTunes, Youtube, what have you. Then, go to the search bar and type in ‘Pendulum’. There you go, you have several albums worth of drum and bass rock excellence that’ll have your blood pumping in no time. Job’s done, I’m away, see you next week.

Alright, fine, Declan. Don’t think I can’t feel your disapproving glare from across the Irish Sea. I’ll pick out a few specific tracks I like, happy?!

Pendulum – ‘Watercolour’

I mentioned Pendulum up above, and I wasn’t joking. If you want something to get you pumped up and working out, Pendulum are the best band out there for it. Lots of people like to listen to electronic, dance-type music while working out, while my tastes usually lean towards stuff with guitars in it, and Pendulum is the best of both worlds! ‘Watercolour’ is one of their best tracks, although I would also suggest the equally fantastic ‘Blood Sugar’, ‘Propane Nightmares’, ‘Granite’, ‘Witchcraft’, and for those who like their metal, ‘Self vs Self’ featuring In Flames vocalist Anders Friden.

The Prodigy – ‘Voodoo People (Pendulum Remix)’

Okay, I’m technically putting Pendulum on here twice, but this is such a good song, and it is still a Prodigy song, so it’s totally separate and different to the ones I just mentioned above. Not only does it have that energy, but the music video is also about people sprinting like maniacs. Granted, for most of them it ends significantly more violently than most runs tend to (I did say most, after all I do live in Scotland) but hopefully all your workouts won’t end with horrific injury and bloodshed. Hopefully.

Crossfaith – ‘Photosphere’

A brilliant track from one of my favourite bands, something about this song just makes me want to run as fast as I can, and I can’t exactly pin down why. It’s got a sound very heavily influenced by The Prodigy, but sounding more hardcore, and I can say from experience that mosh pits to this song are absolutely fantastic so it absolutely fits that high-energy atmosphere very, very well.

Rammstein – ‘Du Hast’

Time to slow things down a little bit for this next one. Obviously you can’t be sprinting at top speed for the entire duration of a run, and sometimes you just want to power walk instead. Rammstein are the single best band to walk to, with their pounding industrial beats transforming the simple act of moving forward into a pure militaristic march. Match the beat of ‘Du Hast’, keep putting one foot in front of the other and you will feel like an unstoppable badass, I guarantee it.

Zircon – ‘Breathing You In’

All the previous tracks have had some sort of rock influence on them, so let’s switch things up entirely with a pure trance banger for the last pick. ‘Breathing You In’ is a perfect song to run to, with fast-paced trance giving way to subdued vocal sections allowing you to speed up and slow down with the natural rhythm of the song. It’s uplifting, energetic and reminds me of Mirror’s Edge for whatever reason. And if there’s ever something that makes running feel damned awesome, it’s Mirror’s Edge, so stick this in your headphones and pretend you’re Faith Connors all over again.