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EwTube: Kung Fu Kommercials


I love a bitta Kung-Fu me. Even if some films are crap they usually have one or two good fights. That’s what YouTube was invented for. But it’s not just limited to films. Occasionally you will see a fantastic TV ad all about the art of Chinese kick assery. And what’s the best place to view ads voluntarily? YouTube.


In the 90’s every Levis commercials were a big deal, usually because the rubbish song in the ad would inexplicably enter the charts at number 1. In 2000, director Jonathan Glazer did away with that and delivered this brilliant homage to Bruce Lee.


Yeah, it’s a simple gag but it’s good for a chuckle. Plus it shows us the Wutang temple where the Taoist monks train, a nice change from everything being about Shaolin.


Perfection was always the mentality of Volkswagen commercials. Before they always took a literal approach but here it takes a metaphorical stance. Martial arts. Martial arts good.

Mountain Dew

I have never drunk the stuff. I have absolutely no wish to. But I would be lying if I said this ad isn’t a good one. Plus it kinda makes me want to go to the Shaolin temple if they do this all day.


You may have seen the very short version of this ad. The version has eight times more Rowan Atkinson in it. Like all great slapstick artists he uses silence and sound to enhance the comedy.


Why? Why would you serve salty soup to Zhang Ziyi? It makes no sense. These bad little boys need a spanking.