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Throwing Shade – EwTube

I’m not a fan of the heat, the warm weather or the sun! I The worst thing about all this lovely happy sunshine is the happy positive mood it puts every single person in! It’s sickening! Me personally, I love the shade! It’s a cold dark place where those of us of a b*tchier disposition […]

Idjits! – EwTube

Supernatural fans all over Ireland are ecstatic about the news of Jim Beaver coming as a guest to Dublin Comic Con, so in honour of that and the end of season 11, I decided that today’s EwTube would be a little tribute to the best moments of Bobby Singer. Behind The Scenes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iW4ARc8jNgU A lot […]

Ew Tube – The Golden Age Of TV Commercials

In case you haven’t noticed, I mainly use the wonderful invention of YouTube to do something everyone else in the world hates: watch ads. This week I decided to share some of my favourite American commercials from the 1950s, a fantastic era for television. I could have picked the most dated, sexist and racist examples […]

Batman Short Films – EwTube

With Batman v Superman releasing this Friday, we thought we’d search through YouTube for some DC related short films or podcasts to get us even more hyped than we already are. We came across some really fantastic Batman fan films that we thought we’d share with you this week! Ripper With a super interesting premise, Ripper […]

#BoycottBieber – EwTube

Okay, so the majority of people will agree that Justin Bieber is not a nice person. Aside from his history of being an annoying, high-pitched heart-throb tugging at the heart strings of everyone’s little sister, he has a long and storied past of being rude to his fans, spitting off hotel balconies and p*ssing in janitors […]

EwTube: Nothing Like Romance

Whether you are celebrating the upcoming Valentine’s Day, a day set aside every year for those that you love and something about a guy named Valentine, or you are celebrating Deadpool day! For those of you celebrating the latter option, you may agree that there are few things in life better than seeing romantic fails. It […]

EwTube: Undertale Underlings

One of last years biggest indie game successes was Undertale, a bizarre old school style RPG that took the world by storm with its smart writing, beloved characters and mind bending endings. The game has gained a rampant fanbase, many of whom have created wonderful fan creations about the game, ranging from catchy remixes to […]

EwTube: Sweet Sci-Fi Shorts

Everyone loves some sci-fi now and again, right? Unfortunately, the genre seems to be completely hit-or-miss at the box office, with the likes of Avatar and, more recently, The Force Awakens smashing record after record, while there are other films like Dredd which struggle despite their quality. So a lot of production companies are iffy about […]