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EwTube: Undertale Underlings

EwTube: Undertale Underlings


One of last years biggest indie game successes was Undertale, a bizarre old school style RPG that took the world by storm with its smart writing, beloved characters and mind bending endings. The game has gained a rampant fanbase, many of whom have created wonderful fan creations about the game, ranging from catchy remixes to smart discussions on the game’s design.

This week for Ewtube I thought I would show off a few of my picks from the community and give a little recognition to those creating some fantastic Undertale fan videos!

Death by Glamour(UNDERTALE ANIMATIC) – Mettaton vs. Frisk Fight

Undertale animations are a dime a dozen, many of which are short re-enactment of scenes from popular TV shows with the cast from the game as the actors. These videos can be good for a few laughs, but when someone puts time and energy into recreating what they think the in game fights would actually look like, that is when you know you have found gold. WalkingMelons PikminAAA would agree, as they have painstakingly created the infamous Mettaton fight, complete with a cameo ridden audience, flashy dodging and a dance break. While the animation isn’t technically done yet, the video perfectly sums how fun and over the top that fight really is.

Fly Like a Mettaton

It is a crime that it has taken me this long to talk about BotanicSage on this site, but I suppose better late than never. In my opinion he is one of the best remix artists on YouTube, melding video game and anime music with samples that range from hip hop, rap and r&b. His latest work might have become one of my favourites, a mix of the Undertale core theme and fly like a butterfly from Jet Set Radio. Instantly catchy, with a perfect blending of both songs, BotanicSage creates another ear worm that will leave you humming for the next week.

Undertale, LISA, and Their Earthbound Connection

Undertales original rise to fame was due to Earthbound fans linking the two games together due to their similar art style and tone, and those similarities go a lot deeper then you would think. Popular YouTube personality, Super BunnyHop(one of my personal favourites) created a video that discusses these links, tying both Undertale and the 2014 cult classic, LISA, to the Mother series. Super BunnyHop’s style of content is highly analytical, as he delves deep into a range of gaming topics, this time discussing the three games in style, tone, gameplay and their historical significance, a style of analytical review that I adore. If you want to learn more about Undertale and its link to Earthbound then this video is a perfect starting place.

“Megalovania” (Vocal Piano Cover//Undertale)(Adriana Figueroa)

Ending things off on a sad note, I thought I would give some credit to a beautifully sung rendition of megalovania. Megalovania is one of Undertale’s most well-known songs, and comes in a moment of anger and action, complete with hype building guitar rifts and high energy beats. Cover artist Adriana Figueroa saw the fight in a different light however, as her cover of the song is a sombre and heartbreaking rendition of a once revenge filled theme. Those who know the song and what it means will understand how morbid this re-imaging actually is, as her reworked lyrics really do hit you like a brick.

Are you a fan of Undertale? Let us know what you think of the videos in the comments.