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‘Oppa Toby Style’- Toby “Radiation” Fox- Track of the Day

Oppa Toby Style is the second track of the [S] Collide album, which accompanied the penultimate flash animation in the popular Homestuck. Toby Fox, of Undertale fame, is a longtime musical contributor to Andrew Hussie’s webcomic. Consequently, a deep familiarity is visible in the track, reusing chords from several previous pieces. Probably the best thing about this song is its cringe-inducing […]

Undertale – Boss Rush

These days, the overnight success of Undertale seems like nothing, as this year both Overwatch and Pokemon Go have taken the world by storm two times over. Undertale was my game of the year in 2015, and I wasn’t alone, as the game’s popularity spread like wildfire throughout the Internet, spawning many discussions on the simplistic yet dark […]

EwTube: Undertale Underlings

One of last years biggest indie game successes was Undertale, a bizarre old school style RPG that took the world by storm with its smart writing, beloved characters and mind bending endings. The game has gained a rampant fanbase, many of whom have created wonderful fan creations about the game, ranging from catchy remixes to […]

Banjo Guy Ollie: Undertale Spider Dance

Looking for something chilled but upbeat? Then Banjo Guy Ollie has you covered with his take on ‘Spider Dance’ from the incredibly successful Undertale. The indie rpg written, created and published by Toby Fox was released in September of last year and went on to earn critical and fan acclaim particularly for it’s story and well […]