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Rick and Morty Remixed – EwTube

Has everyone been enjoying the latest season of Rick and Morty? I’ve been enjoying it quite a lot but on top of the series itself I’ve stumbled upon a channel that has been doing remixes of all (except the first) season three episodes as they come out. Brought to us by YouTube user Chetreo, here […]

Musical Remixes Fit For Your Ears

Oh yeah! It can be awkward when you’re trying to explain to mates just why you’ve got the entire Cats soundtrack on your playlist! Not because it’s embarrassing! No! I mean it’s awkward because clearly your friends have no taste or scope of what real music is! Neanderthals! For those of us with ‘Do-Re-Mi’ prancning through […]

EwTube: Undertale Underlings

One of last years biggest indie game successes was Undertale, a bizarre old school style RPG that took the world by storm with its smart writing, beloved characters and mind bending endings. The game has gained a rampant fanbase, many of whom have created wonderful fan creations about the game, ranging from catchy remixes to […]

Music Monday – 26/1/15

Up until I started college I was never really one for “chillout” music, honestly. As a kid my mum owned a million albums with names like “Tranquil Destiny” or “Soothing Moonlight Songs” by “Some Bint with a Pan Pipe”, so my impression of chillout music was that it was boring as all hell and really […]