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Spoopy Makeup! – Ewtube

So it’s the month of Halloween… sorry, I meant October —- or did I?! Basically once October comes along, I  immediately go into full on Halloween and horror mode! And once that happens, well  I like to head to my most favourite youtube channel which is MadeYewLook. Now, you may have seen her on The […]

EwTube – 8-Bit Jukebox

Eventually one begins to tire of the auto-tuned pop songs that stagnate the top of the charts like scum atop a pond. The same beats, tunes and lyrics. A homogeneous din about ‘loving you baby’ or ‘partying at the club’. It’s rare I hear a song on the radio once without it phasing through me little more […]

EwTube – Best of Robot Chicken

Since its first appearance back in 2005 Robot Chicken has produced countless hilarious stop motion sketches for us to enjoy. And in nearly 160 episodes and a handful of specials they’ve lampooned everything from Aquaman to Dora the Explorer. Not only that, but Adult Swim is also kind enough to upload hundreds of the individual sketches on […]

EwTube – Musical Maladies

There are few more noble endeavours than the musical mashup. The only way to truly improve upon perfection is to blend it with a starkly different perfection and marvel at the marvellous results. The combination of two works of art into a blend of super-art if you will. And like all great works of art, the best […]

EwTube – Reboot Movie Music

Like it or loath it, reboots, remakes and much later sequels are everywhere. You need only go to your favourite provider of movie news (us, of course!) and consistently listed among the upcoming films is a reboot of a classic or a money-spinning 10 years later sequel. Den of Geek have gone as far as […]

EwTube – Celebrity Japanese Commercials

The use of foreign celebrities in Japanese commercials is a common thing. Lost in Translation helped me understand this happens because it’s quite lucrative. And generally those commercials never leave Japan so they’re happy enough to do them. At least that was the usual thing before Youtube came along. Here are some of my favourites, […]