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#BoycottBieber – EwTube

#BoycottBieber – EwTube


Okay, so the majority of people will agree that Justin Bieber is not a nice person. Aside from his history of being an annoying, high-pitched heart-throb tugging at the heart strings of everyone’s little sister, he has a long and storied past of being rude to his fans, spitting off hotel balconies and p*ssing in janitors mop buckets.

In general, he’s been nothing short of a massive twat-face, and his attempt at being roasted by Comedy Central did nothing to fix that. However, despite our better judgement, we have to say that in terms of his most recent songs, if they were in the hands of any other artists they would not be that bad. The lyrics stick out as completely idiotic in places, but the songs are catchy and decent enough to pass as a generic pop song.

As such, it pains us that if these songs get stuck in your head, you’d have to give the Biebz some views on Youtube or suffer the endless repetition of that one line you can remember. In an effort to save all of you dear readers we’ve composed a list of alternatives so we can all #BoycottBieber!

Baby, JB x The Supremes Mashup – Julia Nunes

Baby might have seemed like an age ago, but if we’re looking at covers that made Justin Biebers song actually somewhat enjoyable, we’d be remiss in our duty to not include Miss Julia Nunes and her mashup of Bieber’s Baby’ with ‘Where Did Our Love Go‘ by The Supremes.  Not only does the mashup dilute the amount of Bieber we have to listen to, but it’s performed in a quirky style using a ukulele and a childs piano that just gives the song a lovely, happy attitude.

Love Yourself vs. F*ck Yourself – Yo Preston x Kelly Kiara

Moving on from the quirky, happy style of Baby, let’s take a look at a scathing response to the more recent song ‘Love Yourself’. The original song is about a girl who cares more about her appearance and status than Bieber’s affections, but the response below by Yo Preston and Kelly Kiara puts it in the light of more of a lovers quarrel. They’re right of course, there’s two sides to every story and it’s entirely possible that the girl this song was written for was just as wronged as Bieber claims to be. Plus the fact that this cover has the balls to use the F word in the chorus, unlike the original.

Sorry – Vintage Motown Cover by Post Modern Jukebox

In a world of computerised beats and modern house dominating the charts, a lot of people seem to have forgotten the classic value of a live big band performance. That’s basically the gyst of what Post Modern Jukebox is about, they take all of the latest hits and turn them into classic hits with a style ranging anywhere from the 1920’s to 60’s. Not only is this cover of ‘Sorry’ about a thousand times better than the original, it shows of some insane musical talent as well as vocal talent by Shoshana Bean. In short, this cover has absolutely nothing to be sorry about!

What Do You Mean? (Parody) – The Key Of Awesome

Finally! A chance to rip the piss out of him! The guys over at Barely Productions have made some fantastic parodies, both Bieber and otherwise in the past, but since we’re keeping things current on the Bieber timeline, let’s take a look at ‘What Do You Mean?’, a song which both paints Bieber as a total moron who doesn’t even know how to eat food and kind of makes him out to be a sexual predator when you think about it. We at The Arcade aren’t implying anything, by the way. We’ll let the video below handle that!