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Idjits! – EwTube


Supernatural fans all over Ireland are ecstatic about the news of Jim Beaver coming as a guest to Dublin Comic Con, so in honour of that and the end of season 11, I decided that today’s EwTube would be a little tribute to the best moments of Bobby Singer.

Behind The Scenes


A lot of the time, we only hear Bobby on the phone, giving the boys advice on a monster or pretending to be their FBI boss. In the episode ‘Weekend at Bobby’s’ we get an insight into all the things that Bobby does for everyone in the hunting community, including what anyone would do for their best friend, bury a body.

Family Don’t End In Blood


If you watch Supernatural, you know for sure that John Winchester is a terrible father. While he does a great job training Sam and Dean to hunt monsters, they never get to be kids. In the episode ‘Deaths Door’, we see Bobby letting a young Dean play catch like a regular kid instead of practicing with a shotgun.



Of course, no list about our favourite surrogate father would be complete without hearing Bobby call the boys “Idjits!” or yelling “Balls!” in frustration.

That Kiss


In order to help save the world, AGAIN, Bobby makes a deal with the sassy King of the crossroads demons, Crowley. To seal a deal with a demon, you have to kiss them. (which has made for a rather odd pairing in the world of fanfiction)
Bobby: “Why’d you have to take a picture?
Crowley: “Why’d you have to use tongue?

The Letter


Get your tissues ready for this moment from season 10, when Bobby sends Sam a letter telling him that he’s proud of him. I’m not crying, you are!