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EwTube: Go Home Robot, You’re Drunk!

EwTube: Go Home Robot, You’re Drunk!


Robotics are advancing at an alarming rate. We have robots playing soccer, robots on Mars, even robots creating art. But where there has been a success there has always been at least one fail.

Robot fails remind us that we are safe in our jobs for the very very distant future and as far as artificially intelligent robots taking over the world? Yup… that’s a long way from happening. Now that the safety of the human race is confirmed for a long time we can enjoy the bloopers of the robots.

It has to be said mind that where these are fails they should not be undermined for the amount of work that many people have put in to get this far.

The Ketchup Robot

This little guy reminds us that there is little room for flexible thinking in robots. And you would really want to love ketchup if your around it!

The DARPA Robot

The world’s most advanced robots are showcased at the DARPA Robotics Challenge Finals every year. But sometimes, the competition looked more like a sloppy scene outside the pub at closing time.

Hands Free Snacking Robot

Maybe he doesn’t like that variety of crisps? One of the key limitations to robots is grace, which can be seen by this friendly little guys enthusiastic need to keep you fed.

Beer Pouring Robot

Proof that the service industry will be safe from robots for a long time.

The Robot, The Dog and The Pop Tart

Do you ever have one too many drinks and think… I wanna play with the dog, only to realise that the dog doesn’t want to play with the mess that your drunk self is, even with Pop Tarts? With this Nao Robot, now you don’t have to wonder should such a situation present itself. Poor little guy needs a bed and a fry up quick !