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Batman Vs Superman Featurette Shows Off Batcave

I have many bones to pick with Batman v Superman but that’s neither here nor there. However, if there’s something I will admit is that Ben Affleck was fantastic as Batman, although he was different than the usual caped crusader on our screen. Those differences were more obvious in how the Batcave was put together. First of […]

Batman v Superman – Geeky Goodies

With Batman v Superman releasing in just four days, we’re getting pretty excited here at The Arcade. Usually when a big blockbuster like this releases, it results in a lot of spontaneous spending and hoarding of merchandise. At times like these, we shouldn’t be trusted with a credit card. In case the spending cravings are creeping up […]

Batman V Superman Gets Final Trailer

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice has already had three trailers, making this final trailer the fourth one to come out before the movie releases next month, on March 25. For those who don’t know the movie pits Batman (Ben Affleck) against Superman (Henry Cavill), due to Batman’s worry that Superman could easily wipe out […]