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Nerd Icon- Edgar Wright

It’s time for Ian’s Nerd Icon! I noticed that my last two picks, H.G. Wells and Bela Lugosi, were rather ventage. Therefore, I thought I’d mix things up this week by choosing an icon who DIDN’T die years before I was born. As a writer and director, Edgar Wright ranks high among my favourite artists. Hot […]

Ant-Man Connection In Doctor Strange Confirmed

Ever since Doctor Strange hit our screens, several fans recognised one of the sequences included a glimpse of a dimension similar to that in 2015’s Ant-Man. Finally, Doctor Strange director Scott Derrickson has confirmed these suspicions. Revealed in the commentary for the home-release of Doctor Strange, Derrickson pointed-out the existence of the Quantum Realm. The Realm appears during the seqeunce when the […]

Ant-Man Arrow Featured In Civil War Promotion

With Paul Rudd’s Ant-Man featuring in the upcoming Captain America threequel Civil War, comic book enthusiasts around the world held their collective breaths in the hopes of seeing this particular shot in some form. Facebook page Hablemos de Marvel have got their hands on some promotional images for the upcoming movie, and it’s glorious, as seen […]

Ant-Man Blooper Reel Released

Similar to Guardians of the Galaxy, the Ant-Man gag reel seems to show that Marvel Studios is filled with dance parties and fun almost 100% of the time! The blooper and gag reel was released online yesterday showing about 30 seconds of Paul Rudd and the rest of the cast dancing away. This looks to be only […]