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Cloak And No Dagger – Cosplay Closet DIY

Cloak And No Dagger – Cosplay Closet DIY


Trying to think of a Halloween costume year in year out can be pretty taxing? For those who love simplifying their decision making there a a few standard pieces that can go a long way,

For example having a range of face paints and makeup can easily transform your face but what about your wardrobe? A good place to start and a Halloween staple; the simple hooded cape. This cape can be used as part of a costume for a witch, demon, red riding hood and the list goes on. Phantom of some sort of theatre event perhaps?

Halloween Science Fact: Cloaks make every costume 100% sexier, 115% more mysterious and 200% more cloaky! Just ask Aragorn!


Here’s my very own tutorial on how you can make a hood in only a few very easy steps.


What you’re going to need:

  • Scissors
  • Needle and thread or a sewing machine
  • Fabric 2m x 1.5m
  • Ribbon or rope



  1. Lay your fabric out straight.
  2. Mark how long you want the cloak to be. I wanted mine to be ankle length so I went for 143 which gave me some hemming too.
  3. Mark out the dimensions of the hood I made mine 34″ x 20″ .
  4. Cut out the pieces.
  5. Hem the edges for a refined look but for a rough look leave them raw.
  6. Baste and gather the cloak until it is the same length as the hood.
  7. Sew the hood to the cape.
  8. Connect the two corners or the hood.
  9. Turn the cape inside out and sew the hood along the top to complete the hood.**
  10. Add some ribbon for ties and you are done.

14741111_10154719391390992_1359690960_n** Alternatively if you measure half of the hood width dimension on a fold you wont need to sew along the top

Enjoy your hood! Remember Halloween only comes once a year but your new found hood making skills are transferrable! Plenty of characters out there can now sit comfortably in your own cosplay closet!