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How To Make Floating Spooky Ghosts

I love Halloween! The autumny time of year, the costumes, pumpkins! I also especially love getting crafty (in every sense of the word) and what better time to make some spooky decorations. I’ve decided to make some floating ghosts to hang from the ceiling (or any overhanging area I can find) and here’s how I […]

DIY Problem? Give Mjolnir A Go!

Mjolnir may have better uses like fighting hordes of frost giants, thwarting evil brothers and thwacking the Hulk but one fan has found a new use. At the end of the day, the weapon is a hammer and hammers are pretty useful. Whether you’re knocking a hole in the wall trying to put up a […]

Arcade Gift Guide – DIY Gifts

That time of year is upon us. The one where every person develops powers of prophecy because they just know that January is going to be a tight month and they haven’t spent a penny yet. If you know me, you’ll know I am in fact the Grinch in Human form. While I love those […]