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Getting That Perfect Cosplay – A Struggle Made Real

Getting That Perfect Cosplay – A Struggle Made Real


I like to cosplay, I don’t think I’m particularly good at it but I do get enjoyment out of it all the same. While I may not cosplay every weekend or at every convention, I do follow some basic rules. I plan my cosplay out properly.

Can I Wear This?

I’m a… huskier gentleman! I do believe you can cosplay whatever the hell you want, body size be damned. I tend to stick to characters with similar body shapes for the sake of my own comfort.

Plan And Measure

I can do a very very basic patch problem if I need to. Any sort of garment construction or patter drafting though and I’m out! Cosplay selected, it’s time to formulate a budget, contact a costume maker and find out what can be done realistically.

There are some excellent costume makers out there but there are a lot of conventions. And a lot of cosplayers! So if you’re hoping to have yours made by someone here make sure you contact them well in advance of the event you need the costume for.

Finer Details

My favourite part! You’ve sorted your costume designer, agreed on a price and it’s under budget! You’ve saved some monies by maybe deciding to buy some of the extra pieces for your cosplay yourself. Time to go shopping!

While the costume itself will sell the look, you can’t forget the details. Makeup, accessories and props all add to the overall ensemble so revise the plan but mind the budget.

Practice! Practice! Practice!

Okay your costume is here and your shopping is done but don’t forget to try it all on. Make sure everything fits and that you are totally happy with your look. If wigs and makeup are part of the look then best to paint your face now and nail that look down.

There’s no point going to the convention/event only to suddenly remember you are terrible at doing makeup.

Own It!

Whether you have made the costume, worked with a designer or ordered it from China! Own that costume! You picked this character for a reason, so make sure every picture you take and have taken of you you’re giving your best!

And Then…

The event is over, the cosplay is put away but what’s this? There is another event in three months time? Well rinse and repeat! It’s time to find another perfect cosplay and begin the struggle all over again.