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Gif Essay: When You’re Not A Gamer Like All Your Friends

Gif Essay: When You’re Not A Gamer Like All Your Friends


No group of nerds is complete without a default gamer (or several), and while most non-gamers are fairly content to stick with their nerdy niche, whether it’s cosplay, anime or comics, some poor souls feel like they’re missing out on the gaming banter, particularly in the lead up to an ‘epic’ game release.

You may feel like every reference and inside joke fly way over your head, and I’ve felt like my geek card should be revoked more than once, but you’re not alone! All of us non-gamers have there during those times when you feel you need to slip in a Crash Bandicoot anecdote just to remind people you’re part of whatever gaming soaked conversation you’ve found yourself in.

Convention friends

Ooh friend

You may be shaking off the post-con blues after Akumakon, mainly because you met a bunch of great people and you’re wondering if your friendships will last until the next convention rolls around. If you met them in the games room, you may have to get acquainted with Fallout 4 or at the very least Mario Kart to keep the Facebook messages coming.

Pay attention to me

We can play Twister right guys? Monopoly? #hardcoregamer

What’s a RAM though? Better consult Urban Dictionary before I look stupid…

I dont' know

I’ll just cosplay as that Last of Us girl for the next con and if anybody asks me questions about the game I’ll just start crying.

plan gif

The hangout

eye roll

Finally, a meet-up where we can all attend! But… what’s this? I’m in the door 5 seconds and you’re already connected to a conversation-sucking PS4 in the corner of the room?!

Quick, think of something to say! Stay relevant! Say something gif

Great, now I’m being ignored. Urge to smash console… rising.

rage gif

Maybe I’m doomed to be that girl who refills the Doritos bowl.

why me gif

Gamer-exclusive events

What? They’re starting to hang out together without me now? Why?! Just because I don’t know how to play Gloom??

crying gif

Fine, I don’t need them anyway. I’ve got anime.

I dont need you gif

I’ll come back to the group knowing everything there is to know about games and THEN you’ll be sorry for only talking about games and playing games! Or… something! Yeah!

party hard gif


They’re not going to change… maybe I should play World of Warcraft… It can’t be too hard, it’s just walking around clicking buttons! And you play it on a computer! I have one of those. First step complete.

we're getting somewhere gif

Wait, I have to pay money for this shit?! Can’t we all just sit in a circle and play Candy Crush??

It's falling apart gif

This is too stressful. Either someone sits me down and explains how League of Legends works or I’m getting new friends.

huffing gif