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Cosplay Makeup Bag: Pouring the Foundation

Cosplay Makeup Bag: Pouring the Foundation


Now that we have discussed all the main and extra parts to makeup application we can actually look at the practical aspect of it.

There are as many techniques out there as there are people. Everyone applies their foundation differently and that all depends on the type of foundation; liquid, cream, or powder. The tool being used to apply it; beauty blender, pointed brush or powder brush and finally the condition of the wearer’s skin.

I have tried multiple techniques to suit the changes in my skin. As a teenager hormones wrecked havoc on my face and having a constant sheen became the norm. To this day I am prone to getting an oily face but on the other hand there are times where my face just can’t seem to hold in any moisture.
So I add a moisturiser that is mattifying as well as hydrating. I know sounds odd but it does exactly that.

* If you intend to wear contacts put them in before your eye makeup is done so it doesn’t get ruined. 



  1. Wash face with oil free soap. I use soaps that contain salicylic acid or something that helps with oil balancing.
  2. Pat dry your clean face. Rubbing pulls the skin and can potentially lead to fine lines and premature wrinkling.
  3. Moisturise your skin. Well moisturised skin can give the skin a more youthful glow and even out the surface too. I use mattifying lotions to combat shine.
  4. Prime your face. Primers act as a filler of sorts to even out any deep pores etc.
  5. Colour correct. This step can be pretty important if you have hyper pigmentation, red pimples or very dark circles under the eyes. Yellow =/= Purple, Green =/= Red/Pink, Rose =/= Blue and Orange =/= Browns. *=/= means cancels out.
  6. Once colour correction is complete, apply foundation.
  7. Foundation can be applied in multiple ways but dabbing is an easier way to get a more flawless finish. I always dab when I am using a sponge applicator.
  8. You can also use a light brushing circular motion to blend foundation if you are using a stippling or pointed foundation brush.
  9. Once the foundation is applied, now would be the time to conceal any spots or blemishes still visible.
  10. Apply the concealer in a dabbing motion to blend it into foundation.
  11. Take this opportunity to add a concealer that is 1-2 shades lighter to the places you want to highlight further.
  12. The last step is to apply a matte powder to finish off the foundation laying process. The powder helps this part of the process by keeping my skin matte until I am ready to bake and finish off the whole look.

This concludes the first series of steps to completing your cosplay look. Once I get to this point of having a plain blank canvas I focus on the eyes.

In the next cosplay makeup bag we will be checking out the different techniques used to shape and manipulate the eyes.