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K-Pop Rookie Groups to Check Out! (Part 2)

K-Pop Rookie Groups to Check Out! (Part 2)


Kpop Ireland’s resident rookie expert is back! Here is part two of Linda’s K-pop rookie groups you need to check out!

  1. G-Friend

The first group I’m introducing is a six member girl group named G-Friend which stands for “girlfriend”. The group are under Source Music and debuted at the start of 2015 with the song ‘Glass Bead’. They just released a new album called Snowflake and the title track is called ‘Rough’.


The next group I’m introducing is the six member boy group named HOTSHOT, who debuted late 2014 under KO Sound. Their debut song was ‘Take a Shot’ and their most recent song was ‘I’m a HOTSHOT’.

  1. HIGH4

The next group I want to introduce is a four member boy group called HIGH4, who debuted early 2014 under N.A.P. Entertainment. They debuted through the song ‘Not Spring, Love, or Cherry Blossoms’, which was a collaboration with IU. Their most recent song was released last year, it’s called ‘D.O.A’, which stands for ‘Dead or Alive’.

  1. JJCC

The next group I want to introduce are called JJCC, which stands for ‘Jackie Chan Joins Culture’. They debuted early 2014, the first idol group to debut under the Jackie Chan Group Korea. They debuted with the song ‘At First’, and since then, have gone from being a five member group to a seven member group with the release of their latest song ‘Where You At’. Their most recent release was in November, called ‘Insomnia’.

  1. Legend

The next group I’m going to introduce are probably not very well known, but in my own opinion their vocals are top notch. They are a five member boy band called Legend, who debuted mid 2014 under SS Entertainment. They debuted with the song ‘Left Out’ and their most recent digital single is called ‘Nail’.

  1. M. A.P.6

The next group I’m going to introduce is a very new group as they literally only debuted in November. They are called M.A.P.6, but you may be familiar with some of the members who used to be part of a group called A-Prince. They are currently under Dream T Entertainment and are known as the brother group of Girls Day. Their debut single is called ‘Storm’/

  1. Monsta X

The next group I’m going to introduce were probably one of the most successful rookie groups last year. They are called Monsta X and they are under Starship Entertainment, after going through an elimination program called No Mercy. They debuted mid-2015 with seven members and released their debut song ‘Trespass’. Their most recent release is a self-cam music video for ‘Perfect Girl’, a track from the Rush Repackage EP Hero.


  1. Romeo

The next group I really want to introduce is the six member boy group called Romeo. They debuted mid 2015 under CT Entertainment with the title song ‘Lovesick’. Their most recent track, titled ‘Target’, shows off their in-sync dance moves. ‘Target’ is the title track of the group’s second album Zero In.

  1. Seventeen

The next group I want to introduce are also one of the rising rookie groups of the year. They are a boy group consisting of thirteen members called SEVENTEEN, who debuted under Pledis Entertainment mid 2015 with the title song ‘Adore U’. Since then the group have recently finished promoting their new song ‘Mansae’. They also released a hip-hop version of “Mansae” a few days ago.

  1. UP10TION

The final group I want to introduce are probably one of my favourites at the moment. They are a boy group consisting of ten members called UP10TION, who debuted under T.O.P Media, within the last three months. They debuted with the title song ‘So Dangerous’, and recently came back with ‘Catch Me!’.

Do you have any favourite rookie groups that you’d to share? Share your favourites with us in the comments!