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Friends Stars Set For A Reunion

It has been over fifteen years since Friends aired its finale and fans have been wanting more every since. With constant re-runs across the globe, the popularity of the show has continued and has even reached a new generation of fans. But now it has been confirmed, that the cast will reunite for a one-off […]

Whachu Doin’… Matt

The more things change Quite a lot has changed since my last Whachu doin back in May 2017. In my working life, I have settled into my role as Academic Coordinator at BIMM Dublin, and I built two sets of class timetable from scratch; one for BIMM Dublin and then one for the newly opened […]

Some of TV’s Best Music – EwTube

It’s always engaging when a show decides to incorporate a musical number into an episode, either thematically, a number in a musical episode or just thrown in out of nowhere. I chose to keep it as only one per show or else I could have just listed multiple videos for each entrant featured below. I’m […]

Gif Essay: When Your Favourite Show Ends

We have all been there; that final scene in Friends, that last shot of Walter White in Breaking Bad. Even if you haven’t watched one of the more popular shows, you can totally relate when you see your friends devastated that their favourite show is no longer filming new shows. Once you get hooked on a show, […]

5 Of The Best TV Halloween Specials

It’s hard to get a Halloween Special wrong. Watching your favourite (or not so favourite) characters in a completely different setting than they’re normally in is so refreshing, and can give a stale season the lift it needs to remind you that it won’t be shit forever. Here is a list of the 5 best Halloween specials […]

YouTube Digest: Just Between Us

Since joining BuzzFeed Gaby Dunn and Allison Raskin have proved a winning combination.  However, launching their own YouTube channel last year gave their unique comic chemistry its own winning platform.  Ostensibly an advise show, JustBetweenUs sees these two wits tackle a weekly question in their own comic persona. The premise is simple enough.  Gabby and Allison are an online […]

Twin V Twin – Top Twins in Pop Culture

Everyone wants to be a twin, don’t deny it you’ve thought of it! And why wouldn’t you be – afterall there are so many pop culture twin legends to live up to! So grab your friend, stick on matching outfits and get ready for some double trouble from Mairead and Therese. Mairead OK so there […]