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YouTube Digest: Just Between Us

YouTube Digest: Just Between Us


Gallison 3Since joining BuzzFeed Gaby Dunn and Allison Raskin have proved a winning combination.  However, launching their own YouTube channel last year gave their unique comic chemistry its own winning platform.  Ostensibly an advise show, JustBetweenUs sees these two wits tackle a weekly question in their own comic persona.
The premise is simple enough.  Gabby and Allison are an online odd-couple, sef-described Gallison.  Completely different and utterly inseparable, anthropomorphic of the phrase: “opposites attract”. Some might jeer that they play it up for the camera. That same person should take first prize at this year’s annual Platitude Festival, that is after some equally odious individual has founded it.
The temptation here is to ‘analyse’ the jokes strikes two problems – that is two problems not including the obvious fact that if laughs are explained they are usually undeserved (and these two are funny).  The first of these is applicable anywhere.  When it comes to dissecting jokes there is seldom anything funny about it.  More that that, even if you are of a mind to do so, most don’t.  Some find it interesting, me included.  Still, to foist my own interests on this subject on this platform would be ill-advised, being as there are some readers who would find the exercise tooth-grindingly tedious.
The other problem with going over the jokes of this pair in particular is that their videos are short.  At no more than three minutes a video the funnies are focused.  Consequently, make one observation about one clip you give up the game and with it the giggles.
Even so, I do want to focus on one video in particular.  Their most recent one.  It is no secret that women online, on YouTube, experience vitriol as part of their daily lives.  BuzzFeed itself has covered this.  The mere act of expressing an opinion online is potentially incendiary.  However, women online are viable to be experience forms of abuse simply as the result of being women online; this is to say nothing of the other forms of sexism, where female worth is rooted in opinions as to the physical attraction, a focal point in a recent re-read.
Unfortunately, JustBetweenUs has not escaped this.
Fortunately, both participants had the guts and smarts to tackle it. Observe:

With honesty, irony and tenacity the comment is cast aside.  However, the response to said comment serves to illustrate what is so endearing about these two.  For in tandem with the harsh, occasionally bilious, there is a sense of comradery, one that’s set to plant a smile squarely on your face.
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